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MVP Moment? Steph Curry Shakes Chris Paul To The Floor With Double Behind-The-Back Dribble

hris Paul can stick with anybody off the dribble. Well, anybody but Steph Curry, that is.


Doc Rivers And Steve Kerr Throw Fuel On Rivalry Fire Before Clippers Meet Warriors

Draymond Green might not be suffering from "Blake-itis," but the Defensive Player of the Year candidate still isn't playing in tonight's marquee matchup between the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs.

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We Can’t Wrap Our Heads Around This Blake Griffin 180-Degree Block

How in the world did Blake Griffin pull off this 360 block?


Philly Honors Sixers’ ‘Legend’ Spencer Hawes With A Pre-Game Video Tribute

When it comes to the Philadelphia 76ers' all-time greats, there's Spencer Hawes, and then there's everybody else.

Los Angeles Clippers

Draymond Green Is Selling ‘Cool Story, Glenn’ Shirts, Further Boosting His Beef With Doc Rivers

Oh man, we really hope this amps up Tuesday's Warriors-Clippers game even more.


Did Clippers Shooting Guard J.J. Redick Reveal The Title Of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2’?


The LA Clippers shooting guard shot scenes with fellow team members, the Knicks, lingerie model Alessandra Ambrosio, and Will Arnett.

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Watch Blake Griffin Do A Spot-On Impression Of Austin Rivers

Blake Griffin imitates teammate Austin Rivers at Clippers practice.


Watch DeAndre Jordan Baptize Jason Smith

We admire Jason Smith for trying to block this dunk by DeAndre Jordan, but we wouldn't recommend trying it again.

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Russell Westbrook And Steph Curry Have Somehow Made Chris Paul Underrated


Broadly considered basketball's best point guard for the better part of a decade, the Los Angeles Clippers superstar Chris Paul has taken a back seat to younger players at his position this season. The means behind that shift is obvious: Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry are enjoying career-best and MVP-caliber seasons, while Paul has simply churned out yet another campaign reserved for only the game's truly upper-echelon performers.

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Las Vegas Prosecutors Drop Battery Charge Against Blake Griffin

Fully healthy and legal troubles avoided, now all Blake Griffin has to do is prepare for the postseason. Just over a week after he returned to the lineup following a month-long absence due to a staph infection, Las Vegas prosecutors dropped battery charges against the Los Angeles Clippers superstar stemming from a late October incident.


Ewww: DeAndre Jordan Wiped His Boogers On J.J. Redick In This Gross Videobomb

This is just so freakin' gross. DeAndre Jordan wiped his booger on J.J. Redick in the grossest videobomb of all time.

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Watch Blake Griffin Remind Us He Can Still Throw Down A Monster Dunk

Blake took flight last night. You'll wanna watch this oneā€¦

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Corey Brewer Posterizes Blake Griffin, Both Get T’ed Up In Ensuing Scuffle


Today's Clippers-Rockets game has been testy, and the ensuing scuffle after Corey Brewer's poster slam on Blake Griffin ended in technicals.

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Report: Blake Griffin Will Return To Clippers On Sunday Or Tuesday

The Los Angeles Clippers righted their season while Blake Griffin was sidelined. Now that the five-time All-Star is set to return following surgery for a staph infection, maybe Doc Rivers' team will live up to preseason expectations of legitimate championship contention.


Doc Rivers Attacks ESPN Writer Over Article He Clearly Didn’t Bother To Read

Doc Rivers adamantly disagrees with an article he didn't read by Tom Haberstroh claiming DeAndre Jordan isn't the Defensive Player of Year.

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