2015 NBA Playoffs

Almost Playoff Time: Bid And Seeding Scenarios For The Regular Season’s Finale

The doldrums of March and early April have passed, and the playoffs are merely five days away. Despite over five months and 80 games of competition, though, the field is far from set – and championship implications loom as a result of the regular season's last three days.


Side-Splitting: Glen Davis Badly Fails To Grab This T-Shirt Stuck On The Backboard

An errant t-shirt cannon shot led to a stoppage in play when the tee landed on top of the backboard. Glen Davis thought he could jump and get it. He was wrong.


Marc Gasol’s Ankle X-Rays Are Negative, But The Grizzlies Are Still Super Banged Up

Marc Gasol's ankle injury that knocked him out of Memphis' loss to the Clippers on Saturday wasn't a break, but they're still not at full strength.


Matt Barnes Has The Best Response Planned For His Haters

Matt Barnes isn't the easiest person to like, but it'll be a bit easier to root for him once you learn how he wants to get back at his haters.

Byron Scott

Like Doc Rivers, Byron Scott Says DeAndre Jordan Is Defensive Player Of The Year

Doc Rivers thinks DeAndre Jordan is Defensive Player of the Year. But he coaches him. What excuse does Byron Scott have?

Draymond Green

Draymond Green On The ‘Cocky, Arrogant’ Clippers: ‘They Haven’t Done Nothing’

The rivalry between the Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors didn't need more fuel thrown on its fire this season, but don't tell that to Draymond Green. The Defensive Player of the Year candidate has amped up tension in basketball's most heated matchup since 2014-2015 tipped off.

Jamal Crawford

What Jamal Crawford’s Return Means To The Clippers’ Championship Aspirations

Jamal Crawford has missed the last 17 games, but he's set to return tonight. A healthy Crawford is integral to the Clippers' title chances.

#Chris Paul

Chris Paul’s Nutmeg Of Carlos Boozer Sums Up The Clippers’ Hot Streak


Chris Paul is at it again with his incredible tricks, nutmegging poor Carlos Boozer.

2015 NBA Playoffs

Playoff Pay-Dirt: Tracking The Topsy-Turvy Race For The 2014-15 NBA Postseason

The 2015 NBA Playoffs are almost here, and we've all the information you need to track who gets in and who is eliminated.

#Chris Paul

Chris Paul’s Own Teammate Mistakenly Headbutts Him And Splits His Chin

Dahntay Jones was a little too excited to congratulate Chris Paul last night.

#Chris Paul

LeBron James ‘Reminds Em’ Of Chris Paul’s Excellence On Instagram

LeBron James has three "very good friends" in the NBA, and Chris Paul is among them.

#Chris Paul

Chris Paul Slaps Chris Kaman In The Groin And Gets Shoved In Return


This whole sequence was insane. Chris Paul popped Chris Kaman in the nether region and get shoved in retaliation. Then Glenn Davis pretended to get shoved by LaMarcus Aldridge. You can't make this up.

#Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin: ‘Home-Court Advantage Is Just Not There For Us”

Steph Curry shook Chris Paul to the floor and the should-be partisan Staples Center crowd went into a frenzy. That's to be expected – fandom doesn't apply to highlight-type plays of that caliber.

#Stephen Curry

MVP Moment? Steph Curry Shakes Chris Paul To The Floor With Double Behind-The-Back Dribble

hris Paul can stick with anybody off the dribble. Well, anybody but Steph Curry, that is.


Doc Rivers And Steve Kerr Throw Fuel On Rivalry Fire Before Clippers Meet Warriors

Draymond Green might not be suffering from "Blake-itis," but the Defensive Player of the Year candidate still isn't playing in tonight's marquee matchup between the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs.

#Blake Griffin

We Can’t Wrap Our Heads Around This Blake Griffin 180-Degree Block

How in the world did Blake Griffin pull off this 360 block?


Philly Honors Sixers’ ‘Legend’ Spencer Hawes With A Pre-Game Video Tribute

When it comes to the Philadelphia 76ers' all-time greats, there's Spencer Hawes, and then there's everybody else.

Los Angeles Clippers

Draymond Green Is Selling ‘Cool Story, Glenn’ Shirts, Further Boosting His Beef With Doc Rivers

Oh man, we really hope this amps up Tuesday's Warriors-Clippers game even more.


Did Clippers Shooting Guard J.J. Redick Reveal The Title Of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2’?


The LA Clippers shooting guard shot scenes with fellow team members, the Knicks, lingerie model Alessandra Ambrosio, and Will Arnett.

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