Charlotte’s General Manager Says Lance Stephenson ‘Never Fit In’ With The Hornets

Whoa, is he serious? But they were doing so well together! Wait, why are you laughing?


Report: Lance Stephenson Is Headed To The Clippers In A Three-Player Trade


The Clippers and Hornets completed a blockbuster deal Monday and now Lance Stephenson is headed to the Clippers

#2015 NBA Finals

Lie Witness News Hits The Streets Of L.A. To Ask Fans About The Clippers Making The NBA Finals


Why won't people just be honest and say that they don't know what they're talking about?

#Chris Paul

Doc Rivers Denies A Rift Between Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan: ‘They Get Along Great’

Doc Rivers quickly put to rest the rumored feud between Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan


Spencer Hawes Got Braids On Vacation, Completely Forgetting He’s A Grown Man

Los Angeles Clippers power forward Spencer Hawes got his hair braided in corn rows while on vacation

all defense teams

All-Defense Selections Of Chris Paul And DeAndre Jordan Shine Light On The Clippers’ Concerns

Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan are First Team All-Defense, so why aren't the Clippers better on that end?

2015 NBA Playoffs

Mark Cuban Ate Some Humble Pie On Twitter Over His Houston Rockets Comments


After a very public potshot at Houston, followed by the Rockets' crushing of the Mavs, it was time for Cuban to own up to his mistake.


Josh Smith Is The Rockets’ Best Hope To Upset The Warriors

Smith keyed the Rockets' comeback against the Clippers, and now they face the Dubs juggernaut. Can Smoove keep it up?


After The Clippers’ Game 7 Loss, Doc Rivers Delivered A Motivational Speech Right Out Of Hollywood


After the Clippers' tragic collapse, Doc Rivers delivered a motivational speech that was straight out of a Hollywood sports movie.

Los Angeles Clippers

Someone Listed A Missed Connections Craigslist Ad For The Clippers And The Conference Finals

Someone filled out a missed connections craigslist ad for the Los Angeles Clippers and the Conference Finals.


Report: DeAndre Jordan Is ‘Eager To Step Into A New Situation’


After the Clippers' implosion against the Rockets, Doc Rivers must shift from coach to GM mode. The Clippers have real depth issues, but their first priority is re-signing prized free agent DeAndre Jordan – and rumors have already begun circulating on the big man's plans for the offseason.


Doc Rivers Told The Clippers To ‘Stop F*cking Flopping’ At Halftime Of Their Game 7 Loss

It was an epic collapse, and everything about the Clippers is coming under the microscope as a result, even their flopping.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Made More Than $800,000 Gambling On Sports This Weekend


If you have the kind of money to win that much on four bets, you're probably already doing pretty well.

Los Angeles Clippers

Collapse Complete: The Clippers’ Shocking Loss Yields Far-Reaching Questions Of The Present And Future


The Clippers' collapse is complete, and there's no telling how they'll rebound from it going forward.

#Chris Paul

Chris Paul Goes For A Piggyback Ride While Intentionally Fouling Dwight Howard

This is what it came to for Chris Paul and the Los Angeles Clippers...

Houston Rockets

Clippers Complete A Spectacular Postseason Meltdown With Game 7 Loss To Rockets


The Houston Rockets became just the ninth team in NBA history to overcome a 3-1 series deficit with their Game 7 win over the Clippers.


James Harden Slams It Home For His First Points Since The Opening Quarter

It's a do-or-die Game 7 for the Rockets and Clippers, and James Harden got a huge dunk in a tight game in the third quarter.

Terrence Jones

Terrence Jones Cleans Up Corey Brewer’s Errant Lob With A Vicious Slam


You can throw a lob almost anywhere to the Houston Rockets' bigs...

#Kobe Bryant

‘Don’t Push It,’ But Kobe Bryant’s Got A Lot Of ‘Respect’ For Blake Griffin’s Improvement

Mamba makes it clear we shouldn't push any lovey-dovey Lakers-Clippers coexistence.


NBA Players Past And Present React To The Rockets’ Stunning Comeback In Game 6


The Clippers collapsed and the Rockets came back. It was a story as old as time in Game 6, and NBA players certainly had some things to say.

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