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Steph Curry Adjusts His Binoculars For A Better Look At Shaun Livingston’s Dime


If a playmaking wizard like Steph Curry needed binoculars to get a better look at his teammate's dime, the play in question must have been altogether mesmerizing. Instead, Shaun Livingston's no-look, lefty dime to Andre Iguodala was just mighty impressive.

jeremy lin

Jeremy Lin Chases Down Draymond Green In Transition For Soaring Swat

Maybe if Jeremy Lin had played this type of defense all season long, he wouldn't have been relegated to the bench by Byron Scott. Of course, big chase-down blocks aren't exactly commonplace for the Los Angeles Lakers' defense-averse point guard – which is exactly why this one is so, so awesome.


Pat Riley Says Free Agency Is How To Build A Team, But Not Every Franchise Is Afforded That Luxury


Pat Riley has been blessed. Not just with basketball talent as a player, coach, or executive, but the Miami Heat president has also been lucky enough to count himself as a member of arguably the NBA's three glitziest franchises.


Report: Steve Nash Put Off Official Retirement In Efforts To Help The Lakers


Los Angeles Lakers fans hate Steve Nash. If only they'd known from the beginning how much the 41 year-old future Hall-of-Famer has sacrificed to give the Buss Family's team a chance to improve.

Byron Scott

Byron Scott On Lakers Being Eliminated From Playoffs: ‘I Was Waiting For Us To Go On A 21-Game Winning Streak’

The purple-and-gold were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs on Wednesday night after the New Orleans Pelicans beat the Brooklyn Nets. With 21 games in the regular season, 2014-2015 marks the earliest Los Angeles has been denied a postseason possibility in history of the franchise.


Video: Where Did The Lakers’ Nick Young Get His Swag From?

We all know Nick Young from his on-court antics and his high-profile fling with Iggy Azalea, but a new video shows how he became Swaggy P.


Lets All Gape As Chandler Parsons Puts Ryan Kelly On Ice With This Crossover

Welp, it was either a slippery court, or Parsons buzzed Ryan Kelly something fierce in Dallas' 100-93 win at Staples last night.


Jeanie Buss Says If Lakers Are Not Back In ‘Contention Soon… Changes Have To Occur’


Jeanie Buss isn't happy with the Laker's current struggles, and is threatening changes if things don't improve.

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Kobe Bryant’s Perfect Reaction To The Lakers’ Celebratory Video Bomb


Kobe Bryant was on Jimmy Kimmel last night, and the host played him the Lakers' videobomb after an OT win over the Celtics: Kobe stone face.

#Kobe Bryant

How Can Kobe Bryant Have ‘A Hard Time Understanding’ Questions About Whether OKC Is Westbrook’s Team?


On Sunday, Kobe Bryant spoke with Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose about whether the Thunder are now Russell Westbrook's team. He largely ignores his parallels with Shaq.

#Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant Says He Only Has One MVP ‘Because The Media Votes On It’


It's the latter question that nags at Kobe Bryant. During an appearance on "The Grantland Basketball Hour" yesterday, the Los Angeles Lakers legend blamed the media for him having received just a single MVP award – in 2008, remember – throughout his storied 19 year-career.


‘Y’all Thought We Was Gone': Lakers Video Bomb Jeremy Lin After An Actual Win


Nick Young, Jordan Hill, and Carlos Boozer videobomb Jeremy Lin's postgame interview after the Lakers' overtime win against the Celtics.

jeremy lin

Jeremy Lin Didn’t Take Kindly To Bojan Bogdanovic ‘Running Up The Score’ In Los Angeles’ Loss To Brooklyn


The leading team brashly running up the score when a game is out of reach – even in professional sports – is never a good look. But if the losing squad continues to compete at something resembling peak levels, what are the eventual winners to do? Lay down? Allow their opponents to narrow gap? Give up?

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Kobe Bryant Confirms Next Season Will Be The Last Of His Hall-Of-Fame Career


Kobe Bryant revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that he's hanging up the Nike's after the 2015-16 season, when he'll retire from the NBA.


Report: Goran Dragic Wants Out Of Phoenix Even If Isaiah Thomas Is Dealt; Dragic Desires Knicks, Heat Or Lakers In Trade

The Suns started shopping Isaiah Thomas at Goran Dragic's request, but now Dragic's agent has told them he won't re-sign next summer.

jeremy lin

Nick Young Says Jeremy Lin “Could Focus On Passing A Little More”


The dreary Los Angeles Lakers are comprised of many players with notable shoot-first tendencies, but none are known for chucking more than Nick Young. Not that he realizes that depressing reality, of course. But who can blame a man who calls himself Swaggy P for lacking self-awareness?

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