The New Hampshire Lottery Combines Winning Money With That Great Bacon Smell


New Hampshire's new 'I Heart Bacon' scratch-off game gives people who lost a dollar the consolation prize of smelling bacon.


Watch John Oliver Teach Us All A Lesson About The Lottery That We Will All Probably Ignore

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John Oliver has some distressing things to say about the lottery and its lack of an impact on public education.


A Man Gave Half Of His $1 Million Powerball Winnings To His Brother Because Of A Childhood Agreement

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Playing the same numbers for 20 years, an Oregon man finally won $1 million from Powerball and split it with his brother over a promise.


A Calgary Man Won A $40 Million Lottery Jackpot And Is Giving It All To Charity

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A 64-year old retiree in Calgary is donating his entire $40 million lottery jackpot winnings to cancer research in memory of his wife.

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Late Night Hashtags: #IfIWonThePowerball


<a href="">Jimmy Fallon</a> started the #IfIWonThePowerball hashtag on Twitter (as part of his <a href="">Late Night Hashtags</a> segment) and it was a trending topic within 20 minutes.


Are Oil Prices Killing The Recovery?

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For the ninth consecutive month, consumers be shopping.


Guess Who’s Seven


As of this weekend, it's been seven years since Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, and Eduardo Saverin launched Facebook from a Harvard dorm room.


Strippers Remind You To Get Your Flu Shot

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Rachel's Gentlemen's Club in the small town of Castleberry, Florida has a unique way of giving back to the community.



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Lucky, from director Jeffrey Blitz (Rocket Science, Spellbound), is a feature-length documentary that follows five lottery winners, including: Quang Dao, a Vietnamese immigrant working the night shift at a ConAgra plant in Nebraska who wins a $22 million powerball and buys a plot of land on which to build houses for he and his sons.

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