Louis C.K. Tells GQ He Wishes He Had Been More Suicidal After ‘Pootie Tang’

By | 15 Comments

"And I’d be a little disappointed at not being truly suicidal." Oh, Louis.


Check Out These Brand New ‘Louie’ Season Four Promo Clips

By | 5 Comments

Check out these brand new promo clips for 'Louie season four to get into that mood for awkward hilarity.


‘SNL’ Recap: Louis C.K. And ‘SNL’ Get Weird

By | 37 Comments

A video recap of the skits from this week's Saturday Night Live, hosted by Louis CK.


The 8 Best Sketches Louis C.K. Wrote For 'SNL'

By | 16 Comments

Louis CK has a long history with "SNL." Here are some highlights.


Louis C.K. Mocks Bradley Cooper Without Realizing He's Done So

By | 17 Comments

Louis C.K. calls out the wannabe-actors who ask dumb questions to famous people, including Bradley Cooper.


Please Allow Ricky Gervais To Describe Every Awful Detail Of Seeing Louis C.K.'s Naked Body

By | 2 Comments

Ricky Gervais tells Conan O'Brien exactly what it was like to film a scene with a naked Louis C.K.


Louis C.K. Will Return To ‘SNL’ On March 29th

By | 8 Comments

When "SNL" returns, Louis CK will be there, too.


Here’s A Louis C.K. Dating & Romance Refresher Course To Get You Through Valentine’s Day

By | 11 Comments

It's Valentine's Day so why not remind ourselves what the master underminer of dating, romance, and relationships has taught us over the years?


Louis C.K. Told Jon Stewart About The Time His Website Was Nothing But Porn

By | 4 Comments

Louis CK's "new" movie comes out today, and he was on "The Daily Show" to discuss it.


Louis C.K. Is Finally Making His First Film — ‘Tomorrow Night’ — Available For Download Tomorrow

By | 2 Comments

Louis C.K. just announced that Tomorrow Night is being released for download tomorrow at noon on his website for his usual asking price for content: five bucks


Here’s Louis C.K. Explaining To Letterman How He Got Cut From An Entire Martin Lawrence Movie

By | 2 Comments

Louis C.K. reflects with Letterman on how far he's come as actor from the days where he would get cut completely from Martin Lawrence movies.


Louis C.K. Provided The Perfect Description Of Fame During His Letterman Appearance

By | 7 Comments

Louis C.K. Is out to stay at a certain level of fame by any means necessary, including dressing like a slob on 'The Late Show.'


What’s On Tonight: Louis C.K. Says ‘F*ck You’ To David Letterman

By | 8 Comments

The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including Louis CK on Letterman.


FX Network Chief Dishes On ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ ‘American Horror Story,’ And The Downfall Of Network TV

By | 24 Comments

FX Network Chief talks the economics of TV, the keys to FX's success, and how American Horror Story is a one-man show.

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