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Louis C.K. Tells GQ He Wishes He Had Been More Suicidal After ‘Pootie Tang’

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"And I’d be a little disappointed at not being truly suicidal." Oh, Louis.


Listen To Louis C.K. Directly Ask Donald Rumsfeld Repeatedly If He's A Lizard Who Eats Mexican Babies

By | 5 Comments

In this three-year old interview, Louis C.K. presses the former Secretary of Defense on whether he's a lizard, and if he's ever eaten human flesh.


The 8 Best Sketches Louis C.K. Wrote For 'SNL'

By | 16 Comments

Louis CK has a long history with "SNL." Here are some highlights.


Here's The Backstory On The Long-Standing Feud Between Louis CK And Denis Leary

By | 82 Comments

Years ago, Louis CK accused Denis Leary of stealing one of his bits, an accusation that Leary (poorly) denied.


‘Louie’ Is FINALLY Returning To FX On May 5 And He Has A Gift For You

By | 14 Comments

Louis CK's critically-acclaimed show 'Louie' is finally returning to FX on May 5, and we're getting a special gift for being so patient.


Here’s A Louis C.K. Dating & Romance Refresher Course To Get You Through Valentine’s Day

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It's Valentine's Day so why not remind ourselves what the master underminer of dating, romance, and relationships has taught us over the years?


Louie C.K. Had Some Complaints About ‘Gravity’ On The ‘Opie And Anthony Show’

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Louie C.K. bashed 'Gravity' and 'All Is Lost' on an episode of 'The Opie and Anthony Show', and we have the glorious, uncensored audio.

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Here’s Louis C.K. Explaining To Letterman How He Got Cut From An Entire Martin Lawrence Movie

By | 2 Comments

Louis C.K. reflects with Letterman on how far he's come as actor from the days where he would get cut completely from Martin Lawrence movies.


Louis CK Is Offering An Extended Version Of ‘Oh My God’ On His Website For $5


Louis's landmark HBO special - now with some twelve minutes of new material - is now available to stream and to own for his now-regular price of $5.


Louis C.K. Tells Conan Why Mobile Phones Are Evil And About The Time He Hit On Gwyneth Paltrow

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Louis and Conan covered a myriad of topics last night, but most importantly when he got drunk and hit on Gwyneth.

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‘I Should Have Fired You’: Louis C.K. And Conan Reminisce About The Days When Louis Wrote Jokes For Conan

By | 21 Comments

Louis C.K. was on 'Conan' last night talking about being one of the original 'Late Night With Conan O'Brien' writers in 1993.


Louis CK Won An Emmy For His Stand-Up

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Louis CK's HBO special "Oh My God" received an award for "Outstanding Writing" at the 2013 Creative Arts Emmys. Not too shabby, Mr CK.


Let’s Celebrate Louis C.K.’s Birthday With Some Of His Best Stand Up Moments About Himself

By | 10 Comments

It only feels fitting that on a man's birthday you should learn a little bit more about him.


Louis C.K.’s Story About Finding A Dead Body In The River Is All Things Louis C.K.

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If this story isn't a full episode of Louie next season I'm going to be seriously bummed.

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Louis C.K. Plays Letterman One Of The Weird And Random Voicemails He Gets From Andrew Dice Clay

By | 7 Comments

Louis C.K. has a weird friendship with fellow comedian Andrew Dice Clay and he shares the evidence with Letterman.


Louis C.K. On The ‘Daily Show’: ‘F*ck Rolling Stone’

By | 34 Comments

If Louis C.K. says "F*ck 'Rolling Stone'" then we have no choice...

Andrew Dice Clay

Woody Allen mulls return to stand up, hadn’t heard of Louis CK

By | 23 Comments

The cast of Woody Allen's latest movie, Blue Jasmine (<a href="" target="_blank">trailer here</a>), includes Andrew Dice Clay and Louis CK, casting choices you probably wouldn't make unless you had stand-up comedy on your mind, at least a little.


Forbes Ranks The Highest Paid Stand-Up Comedians

By | 102 Comments

No surprise, but Jerry Seinfeld is the highest paid stand-up comedian.

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