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10.18 The Cooler

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Ashle Danger File-Sharers Buy 30% More Music Than Non-Sharers [Hypebot] Bangin Candy: Wankaego Visits Hip-Hop Wired [HHW] The World' Best Jacket [Gwarizm] Go Coatless This Winter [GQ] Would You Cuddle With A Stranger For Cash.


Forget Gambling, Fashion Will Be The Demise Of Michael Phelps

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While I was blithering on like some handsome buffoon yesterday about the Turtle of Michael Phelps’ entourage complaining that the celebrated swimmer was spending all of his money on poker and not shoes for his friends, I was missing out on a huge scandal.


12.13 The Cooler

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Jasmine Lennear, Nothing But Net Flaviana Matata, Russell Simmons New Flava [Sound Off] Lindsay Lohan Saves 40 Lives in One Day [Blippitt] When Nature Calls: Goalie Pees During Match [Yep Yep] Does The World Need An Entourage Movie.


“Give’em A Taste Of Their Own Medicine…”

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It looks like someone @ Louis Vuitton may have gotten caught with their hand in the cookie jar, as New Balance is suing the designer brand for trademark infringement.

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“Like Moths To A Flame…” – Kanye, Louis Vuitton & NYMag

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It seems as if Kanye may have inadvertently caused yet another minor skirmish.


Your Decision Has Been Made.

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I assume that the majority will now be copping the Air Yeezy's.


“We’re Just Better Than You…” – Louis Vuitton Sues Sean Combs & Bad Boy Records

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Note: Do not screw around with Louis Vuitton, no matter who you are.


L. Veezy’s Comin’ Thru Comin’ Thru!

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Since the last post about overpriced/expensive sneakers by Kanye got you all riled up in a tizzy, I expect this one to have the same dramatic effect.

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