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New House Majority Whip Steve Scalise Admitted To Speaking At A White-Supremacist Convention In 2002

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House Majority Whip Steve Scalise confirmed that he spoke at a convention for a group backed by former Ku Klux Klan member David Duke.

destrehan high school

That Louisiana Teacher Threesome Totally Ruined One Town’s High School Football Rivalry Week

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The alleged threeway that took place between two female teachers and a 16-year old boy in Louisiana has residents upset over the exposure.


Good Morning. Enjoy Bray Wyatt Being Bray Wyatt On A Cheesy Louisiana Morning Show.

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Bray Wyatt promoted last night's episode of WWE Raw by visiting a chipper Lafayette morning show and the results were kayfabe magic.


Congressman Vance McAllister Was Busted Cheating On His Wife And He’s Super Sorry

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Louisiana Congressman Vance McAllister was caught on surveillance video kissing a woman who works as his district scheduler.


Ani DiFranco Is Really Sorry For Hosting A Feminist Event At A Former Slave Plantation

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Probably best not to hold their songwriting retreat at a former slave plantation.


Louisiana Sinkhole Swallows Several Tall Trees Whole


A sinkhole sitting under a Louisiana lake decides it's hungry for some trees, and takes care of it in one gulp.


Watch These Retired Lab Chimps Experience Sunlight And Grass For The First Time

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Many of these chimps have been imprisoned and used in laboratory testing for 50 years without seeing sunlight. Now they start a new life at Chimp Haven.


How Not To Prepare For The Super Bowl: Man Found Dead In ‘Beer Cave’

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Bad news out of Kenner, Louisiana this week, as something called the “Beer Cave” has taken a man’s life.


A 200-Person Flash Mob Turns Into A Normal Mob In Louisiana Mall

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It finally happened: a flash mob turned into a giant brawl in a mall in Louisiana.


Louisiana Schools Getting Public Funding Claim The Loch Ness Monster Is Real And Proves Creationism

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Did you know that the totally proven* existence of the Loch Ness Monster Dinosaur means creationism is true and evolution is fake forever.


Louisiana Expects Sex Offenders To Reveal Themselves On Facebook

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If you're a sex offender in Louisiana, you have to identify yourself as such on Facebook, officially.


Great News, Saints Fans: Your State Lawmakers Are Going After The NFL

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Trust me, folks – I hate talking any level of politics on this here sports humor blog, but sometimes I just can’t help but slap my forehead at the time management of our great nation’s elected officials.


Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Rap About Dealing Prescription Drugs On YouTube


It's no secret that YouTube has been a boon to young, struggling musicians looking to make a name for themselves, providing the opportunity to showcase talents to and from any point on the globe, eliminating, or at least lessening, the need for geographical proximity to the music industry's kingmakers.



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As you may have heard, the Mississippi River is more swollen than it's been in decades and, in an effort to prevent the flooding of New Orleans and Baton Rouge, the Army Corps of Engineers has opened a couple of floodgates diverting a lot of the Mississippi's excess water into rural Louisiana.


Man living with 79 giant snakes probably just a huge ‘Snakes on a Plane’ fan, right?


One of the fun things about being from Louisiana is subscribing to the Twitter feeds of various Louisiana-based news outlets and seeing some of the ridiculous headlines that flash across my dashboard.

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