Love Is Not Dead, Charles Manson’s Wedding To His Fiancée Is Still On

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Plans for post-marriage corpse display are still up in the air.

awesome old people

A 74-Year Old New Jersey Man Has Been Writing Love Letters To His Wife Every Day For 40 Years

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Valentine's Day just got a lot harder for guys everywhere because of this adorable 74-year old New Jersey man.


New Yorkers Are Looking For Snow Day Companionship On Craigslist


Plenty of New Yorkers took to Craigslist before Winter Storm Juno, looking for someone to share a grown-up snow day.


Let’s Feel The Love And Get Weird With The Demented Puppets Of ‘Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared III’

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The folks behind 'Don't Hug Me I'm Scared' are back with the third entry in the series, this time proving that love is a special thing.

casey neistat

Casey Neistat’s ‘A Love Story’ Will Make You Believe In Love Again

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You may want to have a box of tissues nearby when you watch Casay Neistat's "A Love Story." Consider yourself warned.


OK Cupid Wants You To Know It Experimented On You Because That’s How The Internet Works

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OKCupid put out an interesting blog post today admitting they've been experimenting on users, noting that this is how the Internet works.

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This Alzheimer’s-Ridden Man Interacting With His Dog Will Make You Feel So Many Feelings

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“My father has Alzheimers. He has lost almost all of his speech. This is what happens when he is with our dog.”


Here Are ‘Picky’ Taylor Swift’s Alleged Requirements To Dating Her

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Taylor Swift is looking for a successful hot guy to date. HOW ORIGINAL.


These Photos Of A Giraffe Kissing Its Dying Caretaker Goodbye Will Warm Even The Coldest Of Hearts

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A zoo volunteer who helped feed and clean animals for 25 years despite a mental disability received a touching sendoff this week.


Allow Two Second Grade Girls To Teach You ‘How To Fall In Love’

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Two second grade girls are on their way to Internet stardom after their 'book' entitled, 'How to Fall in Love' is becoming a viral hit.


Craigslist Missed Connection: Nice Lady Seeks Stranger Who Pissed Himself When They Kissed On New Year’s Eve

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Combine this Bloomington, Indiana woman's missed connection with the Double Dick Dude's Reddit AMA and 2014 on the internet is off to a roaring start.


The Wedding Kiss Burnout


Kay-Leigh and Gervan Diaz enjoy a romantic wedding day kiss.


The Science Of Having A Crush


It may feel like your heart, but it’s mostly in your head.


Man Proposes To Girlfriend While Tandem Wakesurfing


Matthew Gencarella proposed to his girlfriend while the couple was tandem wakesurfing.


Romantic Gesture Fail


A chivalrous young man carries his girlfriend across a flooded street in Mexico, only to have the unexpected happen.


Chinese Dad Turns Himself Into a Swing


This dad will stop at nothing to make his little girl happy, even if it means turning himself into a human swing.


Dog Gently Covers Baby With Blanket


Miso adorably and gently makes sure baby Isabella is tucked in for her nap.


Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home


A compilation of fun and emotional clips of happy dogs welcoming their owners home from military duty.

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