The Perfect Contradiction

Black Cobain – “The Prelude” Video + “Turn Up” Ft. Fat Trel


Ever improving DMV emcee <a href="">Black Cobain</a> drops the first video from his upcoming LRG-hosted mixtape Perfect Contradiction.


LRG Spring 2012 Lookbook Featuring Freddie Gibbs

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Spring may not be in the air just yet but a pleasant photosynthesis is definitely around the corner.

The Infamous Green Streets

Freddie Gibbs Feat. Dom Kennedy & Polyester – “Menace II Society” Video

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If Caine and O-Dog would have had a chill ass soundtrack like this to spend their summer to, maybe their autumn would have turned out a lot of better.

Young Jeezy

Freddie Gibbs – Cold Day In Hell

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<a href="">Freddie Gibbs'</a> Cold Day In Hell will be the tape that has a snowball's chance being remembered weeks and months from now.

The Kid Daytona

The Kid Daytona Feat. Goapele – “God Is Good” (Prod. By Statik Selektah)

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Equipped with the heavenly voice of Goapele, <a href="">The Kid Daytona</a> is looking towards the sky and giving thanks to that higher power that gave him his heartbeat and ability to stay on beats from Statik Selektah with clever lines.


The Kid Daytona – “Fly Lullaby” x “In The Meantime” Videos

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Daytona is wheeling and dealing with that excrement that keeps all the insects buzzing in the summertime.


Freddie Gibbs – “187 Proof”

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One guy swore he saw death around the corner.

The Otherside Redux

Rockie Fresh – The Otherside Redux Mixtape


When you make a bomb ass dinner and don't finish it all, you don't throw it away; you have leftovers.


Gangsta Gibbs Is Warming Up For A “Cold Day In Hell”

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The <a href="">mayor of the "G" </a>wants you to know that the day he aligns himself with something fake is the same day snowball fights in Hades become an Olympic event.


The Kid Daytona – “Padma (So Buttery)” Video

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<a href=""> Live and direct from the U.S.A.'s Spanish terriority, The Kid Daytona is broiling his vowels---The Interlude, exotic and international---in the pot until the ingredients are seasoned with utmost flavor. The "Bobby Flay of this game" cooks up another awe-inspiring visual in San Juan with his mean team, LRG for your Hip-Hop entertainment needs. Kiss the ring, suckas. <a href="">We told you</a> this tape was fire.


LRG x 9th Wonder Present Big Remo – Robin Hood Ree Mixtape


<a href=""> No matter the amount of success <a href="">9th Wonder</a> manages to achieve yearly, there's still no slowing his quest to reach even more untouched ground that lay ahead of him.


Raekwon – “Butter Knives” Video

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<a href=""> That good 'ol peanut butter & jelly utensil may not be the sharpest tool in the drawer, but don't think for a second you won't get cut with the quickness in the true thick of things. Raekwon alongside LRG continue their deadly tandem and Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang onslaught which takes The Chef back to the crime side. The New York Times side. Park Hill projects is where it all began so a revisit to the essence was overdo. The hallways are the battle zone, the average resident unwillingly becomes a street soldier where the witty, unpredictable results can either amount to scarred life experiences or badges of honor. Rae's fifth is <a href="">available now</a>.


4.26 The Cooler

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<a href=""> Suzi Q. Ice T & Coco To Star In New Reality Show <a href="">[The Urban Daily]</a> 99 Ironic And All-Around Strange Church Signs <a href="">[Uproxx]</a> Prodigy Talks New Book, Jail & How Cops Wanted Him To Set Up 50 Cent <a href="">[The 9 Elements]</a> Serena Williams Starting A Music Career.

The Alchemist

Raekwon – “Ferry Boat Killaz” Video

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<a href=""> Raekwon's Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang is über slept-on in the Wu kitchen, but in no way, shape or form is that a direct reflection on the quality ingredients sprinkled in his Twenty Eleven gumbo pot. Take the gruesome cinema of "Ferry Boat Killaz" for example. Picking up right where their killer collab <a href="">"Surgical Gloves"</a> left off, Rae and Alan The Chemist give the moonlight new energy without the association of a club.


For The Free: LRG 4/20 High Times Ahead Capsule Collection

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<a href=""> While today is usually reserved for the rappers releasing their Mary-Jane themed mixtapes and posse cuts, who would have thought that a clothing line would up the ante and give the most boldest of smokers some outerwear to compliment the aroma on their body. Count <a href="">LRG</a> in with the addition of their 4/20 High Times Ahead Capsule Collection.


Video: The Kid Daytona x 106 & Park

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<a href=""> PIC BY <a href="">ERNEST ESTIME</a> When is the last time you saw one of your favorite Internet rappers on 106 & Park.

tabi Bonney

Smiles Davis & tabi Bonney – Postcard From Abroad

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<a href=""> I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a visual person. Products that look dope grab my immediate attention and the cover art for <a href="">tabi's</a> Postcard From Abroad looks like warm, playful vacation music.

The Kid Daytona

The Kid Daytona – “On The Hill” Video

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<a href=""> The Kid Daytona is unique. From <a href="">his clothes</a>, to his voice, to his flow, there is no one in the industry quite like the young Bronx representative.


LRG x 9th Wonder, Aloe Blacc & The Kid Daytona Style In Spring 2011

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<a href=""> It won't be cold forever this year and if you're looking forward to lamping in the Hamptons like the distinguished members of the Atlantic coast, L-R-G, some your favorite artists and an eclectic mix of sportsters will show you how to look cool when you're catching a cool breeze. Mardy Gilyard of the scrappy St. Louis Rams, X-Game all-stars Chris Grenier, Billy Marks, Jack Curtin and melody makers 9th Wonder and Aloe Blacc all convene for spring as tunes from The Kid Daytona's <a href="">The Interlude</a> acts as the glue to make it all stick.

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