The Over/Under On Lucha Underground Episode 4: These Hands Of A True Queen

By | 37 Comments

The over/under on Lucha Underground episode 4, featuring Big Ryck vs. Johnny Mundo and the very worst of Matt Striker.


Alberto Del Rio Made His American Return At The ECW Arena

By | 13 Comments

El Patron is back! Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez surprised fans at Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore this past weekend.


The Over/Under On Lucha Underground Episode 3: In The Mouth Of Madness

By | 50 Comments

The over/under on Lucha Underground episode 3, featuring Chavo Guerrero being awesome, the origin of Mil Muertes and a crazy main-event.


Alberto Del Rio And WWE Reached A Suspiciously Timed Settlement For That Whole Racist Firing Thing

By | 28 Comments

After three months, nothing had changed. Now, a few days after saying WWE's racism problem begins with Triple H, ADR and WWE have settled.


The Over/Under On Lucha Underground Episode 2: Mil Matt Striker References

By | 53 Comments

Find out the over/under on Lucha Underground episode 2, featuring Blue Demon Jr. vs. Mil Muertes, a Puma/Mundo alliance, and more.


A Former WWE Champion Is Headed To Lucha Underground Next Year

By | 8 Comments

A former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion will be stepping into the Lucha Underground ring next year. Dario Cueto, meet The Boss.


The Over/Under On Lucha Underground: Episode 1

By | 59 Comments

The first episode of Lucha Underground is here, and we're talking wrestling pumas, a vampire on commentary and the evil M. Bison in charge.


Brace Yourselves, NCAA Luchador Masks Are Coming

By | 6 Comments

The wait is over... you can finally own an officially licensed NCAA mask worthy of a luchador. Is your team represented?


Happy 52nd Birthday To Wrestling Legend El Dandy. Here Are His 52 Most Memorable Moments.

By | 17 Comments

Who are you to doubt El Dandy, the Mexican wrestling legend who turns 52 today?


Here’s Your (Very Brief) First Look At Lucha Underground

By | 8 Comments

The El Rey network has finally released a teaser for their new lucha libre show.


Here’s A Luchador Diving Off A Balcony And Eating Nothing But Floor

By | 35 Comments

Luchador 'Skyman' thought it'd be cool to swanton off a high balcony, but he never thought to work on his aim. Skyman, meet Floorman.


Alberto Del Rio K.O.’d WWE’s Non-Compete Clause And Will Return To The Ring For AAA

By | 34 Comments

Alberto Del Rio put WWE's non-compete clause in an armbar, proving it "unconstitutional" and clearing the way for his AAA return.


Del Rio And Mysterio Both Hit AAA This Weekend, And Neither Seemed Thrilled With WWE

By | 17 Comments

Alberto Del Rio talked racism, and Mysterio hinted at future plans at AAA's big Triplemania event this weekend.


Alberto Del Rio Reveals His Next Move. Also, More Info On The Dude He Slapped.

By | 55 Comments

Alberto Del Rio reveals where he's going next. Also, check out the slappable face that got him fired.


Friday Conversation: Who Is The Greatest Pro Wrestler Of All Time, And Why?

By | 280 Comments

In the first-ever wrestling-themed Friday Conversation at With Spandex, we ask "who's the greatest pro wrestler of all time, and why?"


The Original Sin Cara’s New Name Has Managed To Botch Language Itself

By | 17 Comments

WWE's original Sin Cara is back in action, and his ridiculous new ring name will leave you injured and on the ground.


Thanks For The Botched Memories: WWE Has Released The Original Sin Cara

By | 42 Comments

The man who originally wore the mask of Sin Cara has been released by WWE, making one of the worst big name runs ever officially toast.


Mexicans Are The New Indians: The Arizona Diamondbacks Have A Luchador Mascot

By | 15 Comments

When you think "Arizona," you think "appealing to the Hispanic community," right.


73 Sports Movies In 73 Days: ‘Wrestlemaniac’

By | 7 Comments

Spoiler alert: This movie features Mexican wrestlers using backbreakers to kill porn stars.

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