And Now, The Most Ridiculously Lucky Pass In The History Of Football

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Behold the most lucky pass in the history of football as a high school QB throws the ball backwards over his head as he's being tackled and finds his man.


A Dead Horse from 'Luck' Is Reviewing HBO's 'Girls'

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When I mentioned the other day that every jackass on the Internet has an opinion on HBO's "Girls," I didn't know how right I was.


R.I.P. HBO's 'Luck' (and Three Horses)

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Now everyone who keeps meaning to check out "Luck," but hasn't because you heard from a friend of a friend that a friend of theirs fell asleep while watching it doesn't have to bother anymore.

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Weekend Preview: The Super Bowl, Y’all

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The Super Bowl (NBC, Sunday) - I'm really hoping it's a good game, seeing as I've already seen all the commercials and I don't care at all about Madonna's halftime performance.


HBO Renews David Milch’s ‘Luck’

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I watched the first episode of HBO's new horse-racing series "Luck" on Sunday, but it's still way too early to make a lasting assessment.


Weekend Preview: ‘Chuck’ Go Bye Bye

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Chuck (NBC, Friday) - "Chuck" never got a lot of coverage around here, but it did have a weirdly devoted fanbase who stuck with it through a number of schedule changes.


Weekend Preview: Katy Perry, Horses, And Incest Consequences

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Saturday Night Live (NBC, Saturday) - From Access Hollywood: "'There were a lot of [skit] pitches about my boobs,' Katy told Access Hollywood on Thursday.

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Now *THIS* Is a Teaser

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After mailing in the "Game of Thrones" teaser, HBO stepped up their game with this tease for the horse racing drama "Luck" (video below), which is scheduled to debut in early 2012.


Nice Shoes, A-Hole

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The video below is a featurette for HBO's forthcoming series "Luck," which follows the various aspects of the horse racing community.

Nick Nolte


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Nolte relaxing by the Santa Monica pier Today in news that gets my panties damp, Nick Nolte will reportedly join the cast of HBO's "Luck," a drama about the world of horse racing produced by David Milch (who created "NYPD Blue," "Deadwood," and "John from Cincinnati") and starring Dustin Hoffman (Kung Fu Panda).

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