#Matthew McConaughey

Meet The Man Who Woke Up From A Coma Speaking French And Thinking He Was Matthew McConaughey

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A 25-year-old barber in England was thrown into a coma after a horrible car accident, only to wake up as Texas' greatest movie star.

when a tree falls on a cop

Watch A Cop Nearly Get Flattened By A Falling Tree In This Jaw-Dropping Dashcam Video


This cop almost pulled over his last driver when a massive tree fell on him. Seriously, that is a huge tree.

youtube money

The Train Selfie Kid Who Got Kicked In The Head Is Poised To Make A Bunch Of Money

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That kid who got kicked in the head by a train engineer in Peru is about to make a lot of money.



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Lucky, from director Jeffrey Blitz (Rocket Science, Spellbound), is a feature-length documentary that follows five lottery winners, including: Quang Dao, a Vietnamese immigrant working the night shift at a ConAgra plant in Nebraska who wins a $22 million powerball and buys a plot of land on which to build houses for he and his sons.

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