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Jay Leno’s Return To ‘The Tonight Show’ Was The Perfect Time To Mock Jimmy Fallon

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Jay Leno made his highly touted return to 'The Tonight Show' and managed to turn it into the most Jay Leno appearance ever.

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Celebrate Alex Trebek’s Birthday With The Worst Impressions From SNL’s ‘Jeopardy!’

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For Alex Trebek's birthday, let's remember the worst impressions from SNL's 'Celebrity Jeopardy!' that we still love anyway.

The Bullitts

This New Video By The Bullitts Has Michael K. Williams, Mos Def, Lucy Liu & Everyone Else You’ve Ever Loved

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The Bullitts "They Die At Dawn" Video is a who's who of people we love holding guns.


RZA’s kung fu movie has new trailers, Cung Le has a crazy wig

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RZA from the Wu Tang has long been known as a kung fu film freak, and when you're RZA from the Wu Tang, you can get famous people to help you make a kung fu film.


10 incredible high-res, behind-the-scenes Photos from Kill Bill 1

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A couple weeks ago, Miramax released 10 brand new, HD photographs from the set of There Will Be Blood, in honor of the first screenings of Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master.


Benedict Cumberbatch Is Not Pleased About CBS's New Sherlock Holmes Show

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Benedict Cumberbatch discussed CBS's new Sherlock Holmes show 'Elementary,' and he is NOT happy about it.


Trailer: RZA directs Russell Crowe in "Man with the Iron Fists"

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A dirty little secret of this blogging game is that I can't post every single trailer I come across.


RZA’s “The Man With the Iron Fists” Movie Looks Bloody & Beautiful

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The RZA's The Man With the Iron Fists, the musician's first time wearing the feature director title, has all the makings of a movie worth watching.

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For everyone who saw both Charlie's Angels movies and still had enough brain cells left to wonder why Bernie Mac replaced Bill Murray as Bosley in the second one, boy have I got an unsubstantiated rumor for you.

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