10 Best 1-on-1 Scorers in the NBA

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In the first half of last night's Hawks/Bucks game, Jamal Crawford got a steal and took off the other way with only Luke Ridnour standing between him and the basket.

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Ibaka Flocka Flame: Durant’s 45 not enough to beat San Antonio; Stoudemire’s best dunk ever

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Right after Kevin Durant's showcase of savage bucketry, it was Serge Ibaka who almost got the Thunder over the hump against the Spurs last night.


Brandon Jennings About To Make His Pro Debut At MSG

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The last time Brandon Jennings played at Madison Square Garden, the then Arizona-bound senior from Oak Hill Academy earned co-MVP honors (along with Tyreke Evans) as he finished with 10 points and an event record 14 assists to lead his team to victory at the 2008 Jordan Brand Classic.


Who Would You Like To See In NBA Jam?

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Since hearing about the relaunch of NBA Jam, the talk of the office has been which players are going to make it in the game.

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Daily Fantasy Diagnosis: 1.14

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Beast of the Night: Aaron Brooks exploded for 43 points, 3 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 steal and 1 turnover, while chipping in 6 threes, shooting 47 percent (14-30) from the field and 75 percent (9-12) from the line.

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Home-Cooked Meal

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For the second night in a row, Cavs/Hawks played out with postseason-type intensity, ratcheted up a notch because it came 24 hours after their last physical down-to-the-wire contest, and with an extra spotlight due to it being LeBron's birthday.


Game of the Weak

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Saturday's NBA schedule featured one double-overtime game, one single-overtime game, the League's best team having its 11-game win streak snapped, a matchup of probably the 2nd and 3rd-best teams in the West that included a huge comeback, and a rematch of 2009's most exciting playoff series.


Daily Fantasy Diagnosis: 12.3

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Beast of the Night: Jason Kidd was a maestro once again, orchestrating a line to the tune of 16 points, 2 threes, 8 boards, 10 assists, 5 steals, 1 block and 4 turnovers.


Daily Fantasy Diagnosis: 11.26

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Beast of the Night: Donte Greene went nuts against the Knicks last night, posting 24 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 steal and 6 blocks while hitting 6 threes and shooting 69 percent (9-13) from the field.

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One year late, Darren Collison schools Brandon Jennings

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As much as I applauded Brandon Jennings for thinking outside the box, taking a risk and playing pro ball in Europe before coming to the NBA, the Pac-10 fan in me was kind of hating that I wouldn't get to see "Young Money" rip it up for a year at Arizona.


Milwaukee Bucks ’09-10 NBA season preview

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Last year we debuted the "Highs and Lows" system -- previewing the NBA season by predicting the respective ceiling and basement for each team.

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Sources: Ramon Sessions Could Sign Offer Sheet With Minnesota

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So much for Ricky Rubio. Word out of Wisconsin is that Ramon Sessions could be on the verge of receiving an offer sheet from the Timberwolves, which in all likelihood would end his time in restricted free agency limbo this summer.


NBA’s Top 15 Expiring Contracts

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Knowing that teams are banking on spending bank next summer, there are certain players that help make everything fall into place, and those players are guys with expiring contracts.

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The Slowest Day Of The Basketball Year

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While I don't know what tomorrow will bring, I have to say that today could be the slowest day of the basketball year.


One top free agent about to sign, one more Lottery pick injured

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It's kind of crazy to think the one man really standing in the way of Allen Iverson having a team right now is somebody's whose previous claim to fame was being one of the NBA's D-League success stories.


Two more teams get in the Rubio mix, and Jennings talks reckless

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Apologies to Al Jefferson, Kevin Love, Corey Brewer and anyone else who planned to get a serving of easy buckets in Minnesota, but with each passing day it's looking more and more like Ricky Rubio won't be suiting up for your squad.

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