rise and fall

The Improbable Rise And Unsurprising Fall Of LulzSec

Anonymous, contrary to what you may hear, is not dead, and it probably never will be.


Here's What LulzSec's Alleged 'Mastermind' Looks Like, In Case You've Been Wondering

As you may have heard, an arrest was made late last week in England that was believed to be "Topiary," the impossibly ballsy leader of brazen hacker group we've all come to know as LulzSec.

news corp

LulzSec Steals Trove Of News Corp Emails, Tells FBI To F-Off

I honestly don't know what to think about the antics of LulzSec and Anonymous at this point.


FBI Arrests Numerous Anonymous Hackers In Nationwide Raids

This aggression surely will not stand, man.


LulzSec Claims It’s Ending Its Reign Of Terror

On Saturday, notorious Internet shenanigans-pullers LulzSec abruptly put a halt to the weeks of seemingly arbitrary muckraking it's been unleashing onto the web for the past few weeks.


Alleged LulzSec ‘Mastermind’ Arrested, But Is He Really A Mastermind?

It seems like only yesterday that Lulz Security declared an "immediate and unremitting war" on government and bank websites.

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