Plateau Vision

Lushlife – “Magnolia” Video

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Lushlife is the latest MC going above & beyond with his music videos.


“Glistening” – Review Of Lushlife’s Plateau Vision

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The recent wave of music by young rappers attempting to break with established rules and conventions has been accompanied by something of a revivalist streak in a bunch of other artists.


Pillow Talk 2K9: The Most Slept-On Hip-Hop Albums Of 2009

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This 2009 Slept-On list covers the gamut of artists in the Hip-Hop realm.

Rajesh Haldar

“Meridian Sound” – Review Of Lushlife’s Cassette City

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Hearing a fan of Hip-Hop complain about the current crop of MCs while reminiscing on the 90’s is common as negative babble on the Internet.

#Jay Z

Lushlife – Redux Vol. 2: Jay-Z’s “Dead Presidents”

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Remember how <a href="">I told you</a> about those "tasteful covers" the ever talented Lushlife concocted.

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