Insane Crane Operator Fail

Looking for a way to destroy a bulldozer and a massive crane in a matter of seconds.


Conceptual Artist Designs Machine to Pull Creme From OREOs

Dentaku blurs the line between art and deliciousness.


Toy Scientists Design Machine to Pull Creme From OREOs

One toy scientist likes the creme while another likes the cookie, so they built a machine to splitĀ OREO cookies and serve them separately.


Physicist Designs Machine to Pull Creme From Oreos

David Neevel dislikes the creme in Oreo cookies.


Rube Goldberg Device Pours Wine, Molests Your Girlfriend

We've got a huge affection for Rube Goldberg machines around here.

Virtual Reality

Seven Technologies That Are Going to Kill Us All


Across the centuries, many things have been predicted to end the world.

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