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Iggy Azalea Thinks Her Haters Will Come Out In Droves If She Wins At The Grammy Awards

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Iggy Azalea is prepared for any hate she might get for winning at tonight's Grammy Awards.

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Seahawks Fans Chris Pratt And Macklemore Trash Talk Ellen On Twitter

By | 17 Comments

Along with '22 Jump Street' director Christopher Miller, the boys taunted the famous Packers fan after the Seahawks won the game.


Macklemore Teams Up With Oscar The Grouch For A ‘Sesame Street’ Performance Of ‘Thrift Shop’

By | 10 Comments

Macklemore is reviving his hit single 'Thrift Shop' in a new visit to 'Sesame Street.'


Macklemore And His Fiancee Announced Their Pregnancy With This Heartwarming Video

By | 5 Comments

The rapper and his fiance tweeted the announcement of their first child on Saturday.


Hip-Hop Activist Harry Allen Responds To Macklemore And Hot 97’s ‘Great Race Debate’ In Rap

By | 66 Comments

Hip-Hop activist and author Harry Allen responds to Macklemore and Hot 97's recent discussion on race in rap.


Macklemore Explains How White Privilege Has Affected His Career

By | 23 Comments

Macklemore visited Hot 97 and discussed race and racism in America while exploring the topic of white privilege.


The Ceiling Could Not Hold Kicker Nick Folk Of The New York Jets

By | 8 Comments

Listen, I don't know what's going on in this clip and frankly, I'm not sure I care.


Drake Seems To Still Be A Little Bitter About The Grammy Awards

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Drake has really made a comeback since his rocky opening monologue, taking some shots at Macklemore

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Jimmy Fallon Sent Ryan Lewis To Find Out Just How Little Macklemore Fans Know About Ryan Lewis

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It turns out Macklemore fans don't know what Ryan Lewis does. Or who he is. Or what he looks like.


Macklemore Is Trying Really Hard To Make Sure Everyone Hates Him

By | 54 Comments

Mack pissed off one of the four sacred cows of American outrage.

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12 Winners & Losers From The Jordan Brand Classic


The 13th annual Jordan Brand Classic took place last night in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center and in typical fashion, the game did not disappoint, becoming the highest scoring game in JBC history.


The Dugout: John Axford Accurately Predicts The MTV Movie Awards

By | 4 Comments

In today's Dugout, Cleveland Indians pitcher John Axford, Academy Awards expert, is challenged to accurately predict other award shows.


Drake Calls Macklemore’s Grammy Apology ‘Wack As F*ck’


As it seems, Macklemore’s Grammy apology tweet irked more people that it soothed and that many of us can agree on. As it turns out, Drake sees it that way too.


Kendrick Lamar Talks Grammys Snub And The Reasons Why Macklemore Should Just Stop Apologizing


There are two names dominating the week in rap: Kendrick Lamar and Macklemore.

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