Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Ft. Ray Dalton – “Can’t Hold Us” Video

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After Macklemore & Ryan Lewis released these astounding visuals for "Can't Hold Us," every other music video in recent memory slowly hung their head and walked away in shame.


Music Videos Without Music: Thrift Shop


Macklemore's <a href="">Thrift Shop</a> sounds a lot different when the music is hilariously replaced with accurate sound effects.


‘Anchorman’ Meets ‘Thrift Shop’


A seamless mashup of Anchorman footage and Macklemore's smash hit <a href="">Thrift Shop</a>.


Black Simon & Garfunkel: Thrift Shop


Jimmy Fallon welcomes back <a href="">Black Simon & Garfunkel</a> to cover "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.


The Krebs Cycle Explained With Macklemore (And Afternoon Links)


Today's afternoon links, featuring a rap song to the tune of Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" to explain the Krebs cycle, plus a Neil deGrasse Tyson candle.

'SNL' Recap: Kevin Hart And Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

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A recap of last night's episode of "SNL," with Kevin Hart and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Should Do The Literal MS Paint Version Of 'Thrift Shop' On 'SNL'

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See what Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" looks like in MS Paint music video form.


Thrift Shop: MS Paint Literal Interpretation


A poorly-drawn, literal interpretation of Macklemore's smash hit <a href="">Thrift Shop</a>.

adam levine

Good News And Bad News, Preakness Fans: You Get Macklemore And Pitbull

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If you thought <a href="">the strange feud between Lil Wayne and the Miami Heat was over</a> – you know, because Weezy is cool with LeBron James’ mom and all – you were dead wrong, because Miami’s homegrown rappers have been stepping up to call out Wayne for dissing the 305.


Kevin Hart Will Host ‘Saturday Night Live’

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After this week's excellent episode with Christoph Waltz, "SNL" is bringing in Kevin Hart and Macklemore on March 2.


Thrift Shop (Vintage "Grandpa Style" Edition)


The hit song about vintage clothing gets a vintage remake.


Barklemore – Pet Shop


A pet-oriented parody of <a href="">Macklemore's smash hit, Thrift Shop</a>.


OK, Who The Hell Is Macklemore And How Does He Have The #1 Song In The Country?

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Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" is the number one song in the country...but who the heck is he? An investigation into the independent Seattle rapper.

paul scheer

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Get A Record Deal From “Funny Or Die”

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With "Thrift Shop" continuing to dominate radio stations across the country, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are flying in some pretty exclusive air.


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Get a Record Deal


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis sit down to meet with a record exec (Paul Scheer).

Jabari "Sneek" Johnson

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: Pulling Off “The Heist”

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The concept behind the opening track from Macklemore's latest album The Heist comes from Malcolm Gladwell's book Outliers  and idea that "10,000 Hours" of devotion are needed to master your craft.


Macklemore: Thrift Shop


Seattle rapper Ben "Macklemore" Haggerty celebrates thrifty shopping in the video for his catchy (and aptly-named) new single, "Thrift Shop.

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