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Pekka Rinne Commissions Awesome ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Goalie Mask


Opposing teams beware, Nashville Predators’ goalie Pekka Rinne has a terrifying 'Mad Max: Fury Road'-inspired mask for the upcoming season.

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This Guy Built A Real ‘Mad Max’ Interceptor

A Michigan man spent five years and $125,000 to get a real working version of Mad Max's police interceptor.


Comics Of Note, Ranked, For June 17


Rocking apes, supervillains defiling couches, and the Predator destroying Riverdale all arrive in this week's comics.

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This New ‘Mad Max’ Game Trailer Will Take You Into The Eye Of The Storm


The new trailer for WB Games' 'Mad Max' gives viewers a closer look at Immortan Joe's psycho son Scabrous Scrotus. Yes, that is his name.

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The Stunt Doubles That Played Mad Max And Furiosa Ended Up Getting Married

Mad Max and Furiosa may never have macked in the movie but at least we've got this romance between their stunt doubles.

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Imperator Furiosa Leaves War Rigs Behind For Tampons In This ‘Mad Max’ Parody

Comedian Whitney Rice envisions Furiousa's next mission: selling tampons.

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This ‘Mad Max’ B-Roll Shows Just How Dangerous The Movie Was To Make


Eighteen minutes of behind-the-scenes footage shows you what went into creating the most exciting post-apocalyptic carnage we've seen on film yet.

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The New Trailer For The ‘Mad Max’ Video Game Brings All The Speed And Fury You’d Expect


The Mad Max video game may just be a worthy follow-up to 'Fury Road'.


This Week’s Comics Of Note, Ranked, For May 20


Mad Max arrives on the page... but is his book the top comic of the week?

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So The Flamethrowing Guitar In ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Is A Working Musical Instrument


Yes, that flamethrowing guitar not only works as a flamethrower, but as a musical instrument.


Watch Original ‘Road Warrior’ Stunt Man Guy Norris Break His Femur In This Incredible Featurette From 1981


This classic Road Warrior featurette shows that in 1981, piles of cardboard boxes were considered "safety equipment."

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‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Director George Miller Says ‘There’s More To Come’ With Mad Max


We also learned how many movies Tom Hardy is signed for and what happened to George Miller's version of 'Justice League'.

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‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Meets ‘Mac And Me’ In This Crazy Trailer Mash-Up

This 'Mad Mac and Me' mash-up trailer is straight up bonkers.

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Now That You’ve Seen ‘Mad Max: Fury Road,’ Check Out What’s Coming In Its Prequel

Want more Max? DC Comics has prequels on the way, and here's what you can expect from one.

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Here’s Why Tom Hardy Apologized To George Miller After Watching ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

After viewing the final cut of 'Mad Max: Fury Road,' Tom Hardy apologized to director George Miller.

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All The ‘Mad Max’ Franchise Facts You Need Before ‘Fury Road’ Comes Out


In honor of the release of 'Fury Road,' here are some facts that you may not know about the original trilogy.

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