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Mad Men Discussion: ‘Who’s Gonna Watch TV With Him, Bob Bunsen?’

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Last night's episode of Mad Men was just chock full of awesome. Where do we even begin?

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‘Mad Men’ Discussion: ‘Are We Negroes?’

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Last night's episode of 'Mad Men' was...Okay, what the f*ck was THAT?!

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OK, Seriously, Who The F*ck Is Bob Benson?

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Let's put it to a poll and a discussion on a slow Friday afternoon, shall we?

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‘Mad Med’ Discussion: ‘Doesn’t Ice Count?’

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Last night's episode of Mad Men saw Don getting served, in more ways than one.

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Mad Men Discussion: Don Draper Loves Puppies

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Last night's episode of Mad Men was an emotional roller coaster for Pete Campbell. And thankfully for all of us, he chose to take the stairs.

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Mad Men Discussion: ‘Everybody Likes To Go To The Movies When They’re Sad’

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Last night's episode of Mad Men tackled the Martin Luther King assassination. 1968 was a bitch of a year, man.

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Mad Men Discussion: Never Wear Mustard-Colored Clothing When You’re Pitching Ketchup

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Last night's episode of Mad Men was by far my favorite of the sixth season. It felt fun and playful.

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Mad Men Discussion: Trudy Campbell Will Destroy You

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Last night's Mad Men in a nutshell: ad guys cheating on their wives! YOU DON'T SAY?!?!?!

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‘Mad Men’ Discussion: People Will Do Anything To Alleviate Their Anxiety

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It's been a while with the Mad Men, hasn't it. Sit back, pour yourself and Old Fashioned. Let's get to this.

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'Mad Men' Discussion: Hung Up On The Pursuit Of Happiness

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First off, apologies for the tardiness of this post.

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'Mad Men' Discussion: 'Take Me Like This'

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It's probably a pretty safe bet that the Hare Krishna Wikipedia page has received more traffic in the past 24 hours than it has in quite some time, if not ever, right.

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Mad Men Discussion: Okay, Seriously, What The Hell Did January Jones Do To Matt Weiner?

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Watching last night's episode of Mad Men, I was once again struck -- powerfully so -- with the belief that January Jones had to have done something to spark Matt Weiner's ire for him to turn Betty Draper into arguably the most unlikeable character in the history of television.

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Mad Men Discussion: Mr. Belding Does Not Care For Your Cool Whip Pitch

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I can't wait for the next time one of my UPROXX overlords calls me -- I'm just going to yell, "Pizza House.

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Mad Men Discussion: Canadians Like To Smoke Meat In The Dirty City, Apparently

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I almost had to postpone finishing watching Mad Men last night until this morning (long story).

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Mad Men Discussion: Buttery Handjobs, Acid Trips And Orange Sherbet Freakouts

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It probably doesn't help that I've been a little under the weather, but I've had a hard time processing last night's episode of Mad Men -- by far the most experimental (in more ways than one.

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Mad Men Discussion: A ‘Grimy Little Pimp’ Got KTFO Last Night

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OMG where do I even begin with this week's episode -- which was directed by John Slattery, btw.

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Mad Men Discussion: Fat Betty Draper Francis Is FAT FAT FAT

By | 83 Comments

Let me start this off with an admission: I was kinda drunk when I came home last night and watched Mad Men.

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