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The Actor Who Plays Lou Avery On ‘Mad Men’ Was Once On The Shortlist To Replace David Letterman

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Before he played the most reviled character on television, Allan Havey was a veteran stand-up comedian with his own late-night talk show.


‘Mad Men’ Recap And Discussion: Peggy Makes Valentine’s Day Plans To Masturbate Gloomily

By | 75 Comments

A discussion of 'A Day's Work,' another classic episode of Matthew Weiner's 'Mad Men.'

Mad Men

Weekend Preview: The Season Premiere Of Another Fantastic, Underappreciated Sci-Fi Drama

By | 23 Comments

The second season premiere of 'Orphan Black,' and of course, 'Mad Men' and 'Game of Thrones.'


50 Questions About Pete Campbell’s New California Storyline On ‘Mad Men’

By | 30 Comments

Pete Campbell is in California on this season of "Mad Men." We have many, many questions.


The Funniest 4-Second Clip Set To Music You’ll Ever See

By | 11 Comments

Pete "California" Campbell is the only video you'll ever need.


15 Megan Draper/Sharon Tate Connections That Prove ‘Mad Men’ Is Just Straight-Up Trolling Us Now

By | 48 Comments

Here's a complete aggregation of the Megan Draper/Sharon Tate connections in 'Mad Men.' Does it convince you Megan Draper is going to die? Or just the opposite?


Imagine ‘Mad Men’ As A Bad Ass Blaxpoitation Film And The Result Would Be ‘Don-O-Mite’

By | 3 Comments

If 'Mad Men' was really a 70s blaxploitation film, it'd be a whole lot funkier. Also everyone would be African American.


‘Mad Men’ Music Recap: The Songs You Grooved To In ‘Time Zones’


All the songs you GROOVED to during the "Mad Men" season premiere.


‘Mad Men’ Discussion: ‘Pay Attention. This Is The Beginning of Something.’

By | 100 Comments

A rundown of the seventh season premiere of 'Mad Men,' plus discussion theories.

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Our 15 Favorite ‘Mad Men’ Couples And Hookups

By | 9 Comments

The many women of Don Draper and men of Peggy Olson.

‘The Simpsons’ Made This Spot-On ‘Mad Men’ Style Preview To Welcome Back ‘Mad Men’


SO. MUCH. INTRIGUE. Why does Lenny hate mayo? What is Mr. Burns demanding be released?


10 (Mostly) Important Open Questions Heading Into The Final Season Of ‘Mad Men’

By | 6 Comments

"Mad Men" is back this Sunday for the first half of its final season. Here's what we want to know.

game of thrones

Ranking 25 Of Your Favorite Cable Shows Based On Their Nielsen Ratings


How do your favorite cable shows compare to other premiere cable shows in the ratings?


The 10 Absolute Worst Ways ‘Mad Men’ Could End, According To The Internet

By | 28 Comments

As 'Mad Men' kicks off its final season, it's never too early to get a head start on predicting the worst possible outcomes to the series.


A College Professor Created An Entire Course Devoted To ‘Mad Men’

By | 10 Comments

Better than 8th Century Russian Literature, that's for sure.


The ‘Mad Men’ Cast Slumming It: What Sterling, Cooper Draper Might Look Like On Super Casual Friday

By | 24 Comments

After seeing the well-dressed cast of 'Mad Men' dolled up for the show for six seasons, how jarring is it to see them in T-shirts and hoodies?

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