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Because It’s National Chocolate Day, Let’s Remember Don Draper’s Failed, Awkward Hershey’s Pitch

By | 4 Comments

You'd better eat some chocolate today. Otherwise, you might end up shamed and alone like Don Draper.


About The Time The Greatest Film Actor Of A Generation Literally Bowed Down To Aaron Paul

By | 41 Comments

The night before winning his Oscar for 'Lincoln, Daniel Day Lewis met -- and bowed down to -- Aaron Paul.


EW Ranks The 50 Best TV Scenes Of The Last Year, Neglects To Include The Greatest Scene OF A GENERATION

By | 47 Comments

EW does a nice ranking job, except they forgot THE MOST IMPORTANT SCENE OF THE CENTURY.


UPROXX Interview: Stephanie Drake Has No Idea How Her ‘Mad Men’ Character, Meredith, Still Has A Job

By | 8 Comments

Stephanie Drake, who plays the ditzy secretary Meredith on Mad Men, was nice enough to spend a few minutes chatting with us about the show.


Harry Hamlin Gives Off-The-Record Statement About ‘Mad Men’ Scene, Interviewer Posts It On Reddit Anyway

By | 12 Comments

Now we know what Jim Cutler and Lou Avery saying during that lip-reading scene that Ginsberg saw in "The Runaways."


The 10 Most Memorable TV Fight Scenes

By | 115 Comments

Khal Drogo vs. Hannibal Lecter: WHO YOU GOT?!?

The Best Of ‘Mad Men’ With Things Drawn On Them For The First Half Of The Final Season

By | 10 Comments

Behold, the funniest screengrabs from the first half of of Mad Men's final season -- with profanity scribbled on them, of course.


The (Mostly) Happy Endings The Characters Of ‘Mad Men’ Deserve In The Final 7 Episodes Of The Series

By | 32 Comments

How will 'Mad Men' end in 2015? Here's some thoughts on potential happy endings for most of the characters.


‘Mad Men’ Recap, ‘Waterloo’: The Best Things In Life Are Free

By | 87 Comments

Breaking down 'Waterloo,' the wonderful, heartfelt, humanizing mid-season finale of 'Mad Men.'

#Mad Men

Weekend Preview: If Megan Draper Dies, We Riot?

By | 22 Comments

The mid-season finale of 'Mad Men,' the second season finale of 'Hannibal,' and Mike Ross from 'Suits' joins 'Orphan Black.'


Alison Brie Plays ‘Mad Men’ FMK, Minus The ‘M’ And ‘K’

By | 13 Comments

Don Draper or Roger Sterling: who you got, Alison Brie?


Do Not Ship: 8 TV Couples That Should Never Hook Up

By | 46 Comments

Why Don and Peggy, as well as seven other TV "couples," should never hook up.


‘Mad Men’ Theory: Bob Benson’s Confusing Job Situation And What It Means To The Mid-Season Finale

By | 42 Comments

Breaking down Bob Benson's job offer, and the possibilities it allows for in the 'Mad Men' mid-season finale.


About Last Night’s ‘Mad Men’: Here’s A Real Burger Chef Commercial From 1970

By | 15 Comments

Here's what a real Burger Chef commercial looked like circa 1970. Someone is eating fries while riding a horse. It's weird.

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