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Weekend Preview: If Megan Draper Dies, We Riot?

By | 22 Comments

The mid-season finale of 'Mad Men,' the second season finale of 'Hannibal,' and Mike Ross from 'Suits' joins 'Orphan Black.'

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Alison Brie Plays ‘Mad Men’ FMK, Minus The ‘M’ And ‘K’

By | 13 Comments

Don Draper or Roger Sterling: who you got, Alison Brie?

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Do Not Ship: 8 TV Couples That Should Never Hook Up

By | 46 Comments

Why Don and Peggy, as well as seven other TV "couples," should never hook up.

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‘Mad Men’ Theory: Bob Benson’s Confusing Job Situation And What It Means To The Mid-Season Finale

By | 42 Comments

Breaking down Bob Benson's job offer, and the possibilities it allows for in the 'Mad Men' mid-season finale.


About Last Night’s ‘Mad Men': Here’s A Real Burger Chef Commercial From 1970

By | 15 Comments

Here's what a real Burger Chef commercial looked like circa 1970. Someone is eating fries while riding a horse. It's weird.

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‘Mad Men’ Discussion: ‘The Strategy’ Was The Most Beautiful Episode Of TV’s Most Beautiful Drama

By | 75 Comments

Breaking down 'The Strategy,' one of the best, most heartfelt episodes in the 'Mad Men's' run.

#Mad Men

If You’re Wondering Why The Final Shot In Tonight’s ‘Mad Men’ Looked Familiar It’s Because It IS Familiar

By | 19 Comments

Fans of 'The Sopranos' might recognize the final shot in tonight's episode of 'Mad Men.'

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‘Mad X-Men’ Is The ‘Mad Men’ / ‘X-Men’ Mashup That Will Save The Future Of Advertising

By | 5 Comments

The X-Men travel back to save Don Draper from self-destruction in 'Mad X-Men.'

#Mad Men

Dammit, ‘Mad Men,’ Bring Back Bob Benson

By | 22 Comments

We don't ask for much, but this is important.


The 10 Best Working Directors In Television

By | 29 Comments

A shout-out and appreciation post for the unsung heroes of some of our favorite episodes of television.

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‘Mad Men’ Just Launched A Vintage ‘For Your Consideration’ Emmy Campaign That Would Make Don Draper Proud

By | 18 Comments

AMC has just rolled out a collection vintage ads featuring the stars of the show. Don Draper approves.

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These GIFs Showing The Parallels Between ‘Mad Men’ And ’2001: A Space Odyssey’ Are Neat As Hell

By | 6 Comments

These GIFs illustrate just how much 'Mad Men' has paid homage to Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece this season.

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Matthew Weiner Is Still Trolling ‘Mad Men’ Theorists With Even More Charles Manson Allusions

By | 27 Comments

Matthew Weiner resurrected his favorite game in last night's 'Mad Men' episode: Screw with the Charles Manson theorists.

#Mad Men

Okay … But What If Lou Avery Gets Eaten By A Bear?

By | 17 Comments

Remember how we wanted a bear to eat Pete? Yeah, change of plans.

#Mad Men

‘Mad Men’ Discussion: Weirdest F*cking Episode Ever. Scout’s Honor.

By | 75 Comments

One of the of the strangest, most bizarre episodes of 'Mad Men' culminates with a nod to David Lynch's ever-strange 'Blue Velvet.'


‘Mad Men’ GIF Highlights: ‘The Runaways’

By | 19 Comments

There was plenty of craziness in last night's episode of Mad Men. Here are the highlights, in GIF form.

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