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The ‘Mad Men’ Cast Slumming It: What Sterling, Cooper Draper Might Look Like On Super Casual Friday

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After seeing the well-dressed cast of 'Mad Men' dolled up for the show for six seasons, how jarring is it to see them in T-shirts and hoodies?


Seth Meyers Looks More Like Pete Campbell Than Don Draper In This ‘Mad Men’ Parody

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Check out Seth Meyers's unintentional Pete Campbell impersonation from this Mad Men parody last night.


Christina Hendricks Thinks She’d Be The Perfect Fit For A Role On ‘Game Of Thrones’

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Christina Hendricks just keeps looking better and better, but how would she look in an outfit from 'Game Of Thrones?'


10 Current TV Shows With Opening Credit Sequences That You Just Can’t Skip Over

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Many shows have opening credits that you just skip because they're in the way. Others are so good that you have to to watch them every time.


Silhouette Don Draper Is On Some Good Acid In This Psychedelic New 'Mad Men' Teaser

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I watched this teaser three times in a row and I think I can taste colors now.


UPROXX Interview: ‘Mad Men’ Creator Matt Weiner On His Show's Obsessive Fans & His Own TV-Viewing Habits

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In conjunction with Mad Men returning for its seventh season on April 13th, we spoke with creator Matt Weiner by phone last week to discuss the show.


These Photos Of Jessica Paré In Esquire Will Make You Wish 'Mad Men' Was On NOW

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How many days until "Mad Men" is back? Whatever the answer is, it's not soon enough.

pete campell

In Which Vincent Kartheiser From 'Mad Men' Channels His Inner Rust Cohle

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"Happiness is a frivolous emotion" might be the new "Time is a flat circle."


There Was A Jon Hamm Staring Contest At The Tight Lipped 'Mad Men' Q&A From PaleyFest

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Matthew Weiner and the cast of 'Mad Men' came to PaleyFest to kind of talk about the final season of the show and Jon Hamm ended up in a staring contest.


Roger Sterling Looks Like He Really Enjoys Airports In The Latest 'Mad Men' Season 7 Teaser

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If Season 7 is nothing but Roger Sterling getting drunk in an airport and hitting on stewardesses, well, that would be fine.


The Brand New 'Mad Men' Season 7 Promo Pictures, Discussed And Ranked

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Here are the "Mad Men" Season 7 promo pictures. Everyone is at the airport! WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

Mad Men

Watch Jon Hamm And Jimmy Fallon Photobomb Unsuspecting Tourists On Top Of Rockefeller Center


Jon Hamm celebrates his birthday with Jimmy Fallon and the two take part in some celebrity photobombing on top of Rockefeller Center.

Mad Men

15 Times You Might Have Seen Jon Hamm On Television And Didn't Even Know It

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Could that handsome guy on an old episode of 'Gilmore Girls' be Jon Hamm? You bet your ass it is.


Television’s 5 Greatest Extended Literary References

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Five great television shows that can be better appreciated with extra reading on the side.


Here’s The Poster For Season 7 Of ‘Mad Men.’ Everyone Is On Acid Now.

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AMC released the first poster for Season 7 of "Mad Men." It's trippy as all hell. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Mad Men

So When Is ‘Mad Men’ Season 6 Available For Netflix Streaming?


We're almost living in a world where True Detective season one is over. At least last season's Mad Men arrives on Netflix at the end of the month.


Don Draper Looks Dapper As Hell In The First Teaser For The Final Season Of ‘Mad Men’

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AMC has released the first teaser for the final season of "Mad Men." Yup, Don Draper is still a very handsome man.


The 10 Hardest Drinking Characters In TV History

Promoted by Sirens

From Ron Swanson to Don Draper, the 10 hardest drinking television characters ever, functional or not.


Oh Hey Remember This Guy Named Don Freakin’ Draper

By | 9 Comments

You've been so obsessed with Walter White, Frank Underwood, Rust Cohle and Marty Hart that you forgot all about Don Draper, didn't you? Shame on you!

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