About Last Night’s ‘Mad Men': Here’s A Real Burger Chef Commercial From 1970

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Here's what a real Burger Chef commercial looked like circa 1970. Someone is eating fries while riding a horse. It's weird.

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‘Mad Men’ Discussion: ‘The Strategy’ Was The Most Beautiful Episode Of TV’s Most Beautiful Drama

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Breaking down 'The Strategy,' one of the best, most heartfelt episodes in the 'Mad Men's' run.

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If You’re Wondering Why The Final Shot In Tonight’s ‘Mad Men’ Looked Familiar It’s Because It IS Familiar

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Fans of 'The Sopranos' might recognize the final shot in tonight's episode of 'Mad Men.'

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‘Mad X-Men’ Is The ‘Mad Men’ / ‘X-Men’ Mashup That Will Save The Future Of Advertising

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The X-Men travel back to save Don Draper from self-destruction in 'Mad X-Men.'

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Dammit, ‘Mad Men,’ Bring Back Bob Benson

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We don't ask for much, but this is important.


The 10 Best Working Directors In Television

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A shout-out and appreciation post for the unsung heroes of some of our favorite episodes of television.

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‘Mad Men’ Just Launched A Vintage ‘For Your Consideration’ Emmy Campaign That Would Make Don Draper Proud

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AMC has just rolled out a collection vintage ads featuring the stars of the show. Don Draper approves.

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These GIFs Showing The Parallels Between ‘Mad Men’ And ’2001: A Space Odyssey’ Are Neat As Hell

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These GIFs illustrate just how much 'Mad Men' has paid homage to Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece this season.

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Matthew Weiner Is Still Trolling ‘Mad Men’ Theorists With Even More Charles Manson Allusions

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Matthew Weiner resurrected his favorite game in last night's 'Mad Men' episode: Screw with the Charles Manson theorists.

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Okay … But What If Lou Avery Gets Eaten By A Bear?

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Remember how we wanted a bear to eat Pete? Yeah, change of plans.

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‘Mad Men’ Discussion: Weirdest F*cking Episode Ever. Scout’s Honor.

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One of the of the strangest, most bizarre episodes of 'Mad Men' culminates with a nod to David Lynch's ever-strange 'Blue Velvet.'


‘Mad Men’ GIF Highlights: ‘The Runaways’

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There was plenty of craziness in last night's episode of Mad Men. Here are the highlights, in GIF form.


Here Are The GIFs Of Don Draper’s ‘Wild Things’ Moment From This Week’s ‘Mad Men’

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Let's remind ourselves that even when it's not great to be Don Draper, it's still pretty great to be Don Draper.

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‘Mad Men’ Recap And Discussion: How Much Sh*t Will Don Draper Eat?

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'The Book of Genesis,' '2001: The Space Odyssey,' and the 1969 Miracle Mets highlight the references points in this week's 'Mad Men.'


Weekend Preview: A Threesome On ‘Hannibal’? Yes, A Threesome On ‘Hannibal’

By | 10 Comments

Another big weekend of TV with a 'Hannibal' threesome, Andrew Garfield on 'SNL' and the Lou Avery/Don Draper showdown.


Conan Had A Lot To Say About The ‘Seething Sexuality’ Of Jessica Paré

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It's amazing Conan could concentrate on Jessica Paré's words.

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