The Coolest College President Issued A ‘Madden 25′ Challenge To His Students

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As part of his inauguration at Columbia College, Dr. Scott Dalrymple has challenged his students to a giant Madden 25 tournament.


Let’s Discuss ‘Madden 25′

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Preface: This is my third year reviewing the game and it goes pretty decently so far with you guys clicking on it and everything.


Please Enjoy These Girls’ Butts As You Prep For Madden 25

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The Chive put together a bunch of pictures of nearly-naked girls reenacting moves from Madden 25. You should probably look at that.

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Madden NFL 25: Unprecedented Ball-Carrier Control & An Immersive Owner Mode

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For so many of my friends, fall is their favorite time of the year.

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EA Debuts Next-Gen Trailers For ‘Madden 25,’ ‘NBA Live 14,’ ‘FIFA 14′

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One of the best way to observe technological jumps from video game generation to video game generation is by observing sports games.

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