Paulina Gretzky Just Made Golf Digest A Whole Lot More Interesting

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Golf Digest didn't really need to justify putting Paulina Gretzky on the cover of its new issue.


Terry Richardson Did His Nerdy Glasses Thing With Selena Gomez

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Terry Richardson is a world-famous, 47-year old fashion photographer and he probably has <a href="">the best job in the world</a> for a guy.

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Clutch Shots: 23 Memorable Michael Jordan Magazine Covers

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As you've probably heard by now, Air Jordan is turning the big 5-0 this week.


Kate Upton’s Vogue Italia Photoshoot


Supermodel <a href="">Kate Upton</a> has an extensive feature in the November issue of Vogue Italia.


Kate Upton’s Vogue Photoshoot


Supermodel Kate Upton has an extensive feature in the November issue of Vogue.

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After 80 Years, Newsweek’s Troll-y Print Edition Is Dead


Newsweek announced this morning that their December 31st issue of the 80-year-old periodical will be their final print edition.


Here Are 15 Hilariously Alarmist Newsweek Covers

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In honor of Newsweek's regrettable "Muslim Rage" issue, a collection of alarmist covers the magazine has published over the years.


'Newsweek' Should Just Change Its Name To 'Trollweek' #MuslimRage

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This is what the once-proud newsweekly has become: Trollweek. This week it's the Muslims' turn, as evidenced by the cover embedded above.

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'Nintendo Power' Farewell Rap


The news this week that Nintendo Power is shutting down hit rapper Mega Ran so hard he had to write a farewell tribute for the longtime gaming mag.

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15 Bands That Really Shouldn’t Have Been On The Cover Of A Magazine

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The hoopla over that Boise Weekly preview of a <a href="">Nickelback concert</a> – and the <a href="">hate and love</a> that followed its printing and Internet success – got me thinking about another dumb band with a dumb name that has become a musical punchline due to their unwarranted success.


Metal Hurlant To Hit TV Screens Without The Heavy Metal


The classic French sci-fi comic magazine Metal Hurlant is getting it's own TV show, but don't mistake this for a new Heavy Metal project.


Reading Material For The Geek In Your Life

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Looking for gift ideas for a geek you know.


Bleeding Ink

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<a href=""> I asked the owner of my favorite Mom-n-Pop bookstore where all her music mags went, why the racks were so thinned out. She replied, "It's not beneficial to anyone to keep magazines on our shelves if they're not selling." Following the law of supply and demand, distributors don't deliver when the demand isn't there. All that's left of this favored magazine section is obscure reads about electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars and just plain ghyee-tahhrs. These are the mags I thought no one actually bought, until I saw they were the only publications left amidst a peppering of Rolling Stones, Pastes and Filters. No XXL, no The Source, no FADER, no Wax Poetics. I expect Paste and Filter will be gone any day now too. Disheartening? Sometimes. <a href="">Empty racks</a> mean a loss of jobs, and avid readers are finding fewer opportunities to leaf through glossy pages.


5 Things Only an Idiot Would Buy Thanks to the Internet

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Complain all you want about the state of the world, but overall, we have it pretty good.

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I like to peruse old magazine cover art, especially the stuff from the 30's and 50's, when every science magazine editor's mantra seemed to be, "add more propellers to that.


“Can We Please Have A Moment Of Silence…”

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Urb has "suspended" it's print version until further notice.


Coming From The Web To A Magazine Near You

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If you thought pop-up ad's were annoying on the ' net, wait until you see this.

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