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Joe Manganiello Teaches Conan Some Of His Finest Stripper Moves

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Joe Manganiello played the role well enough in 'Magic Mike' and now he's sharing his moves with Conan.


Steven Soderbergh Will Be Magic Mike XXL’s Cameraman, Cinematographer, and Editor

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Steven Soderbergh won't be directing the Magic Mike sequel, but his strong editorial hand will still be guiding C-Tates' package.


Calling All Lawbreakers: Big Dick Richie Says ‘Magic Mike 2′ Will Begin Filming In The Fall

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While there's no director just yet, Joe Manganiello says that filming for 'Magic Mike 2' is set to begin in the fall.


Matt Bomer Is Putting His Faith In Channing Tatum For ‘Magic Mike 2′

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While Matt Bomer doesn't even know if he has a part in 'Magic Mike 2' yet, he's sure that Channing Tatum is going to handle the story properly.


Channing Tatum Is Writing ‘Magic Mike 2′ While Staring At A Bust Of Matthew McConaughey

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Channing Tatum posted a photo of himself writing 'Magic Mike 2' and staring at his very own bust of Matthew McConaughey.


‘Magic Mike’ Is Indeed Heading To Broadway

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While Deadline reported the green light news last Friday, the hardest twerkin’ man in show bizna$$$ty, Channing Tatum, <a href="" target="_blank">offered up his own confirmation</a> on Tuesday that his hit semi-autobiographical film, Magic Mike, is 100% going to become a Broadway musical.

Christopher Nolan

Anne Hathaway Joins Matthew McConaughey And Reteams With Chris Nolan For ‘Interstellar’

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Anne Hathaway is likely to join Matthew McConaughey in Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar', and we have some GIFs to suggest key plot points.

Christopher Nolan

Alright Alright Alright: Matthew McConaughey Sought For Chris Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’

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Christopher Nolan has just offered Matthew McConaughey the lead role in 'Interstellar'. Better luck next time, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy.


CONFIRMED: The Magic Mike Musical will include audience lapdances

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Undeterred by <a href="" target="_blank">Matthew McConaughey</a>'s biggest <a href="" target="_blank">Oscar snub</a> of all time (with the "<a href="" target="_blank">Ladies of Tampa</a>" snub being a close second), Magic Mike producers are still moving forward with plans for a Magic Mike Broadway musical.

Paul Giamatti Reenacts Scenes From ‘Twilight,’ You’ve Got Mail,’ and ‘Magic Mike’ (Morning Links)

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[via <a href="" target="_blank">Vulture</a>] MORNING LINKS JJ Abrams to direct Star Wars VII |<a href="" target="blank">Film Drunk</a>| Frotcast 136: Tarantino Stories with Justin Halpern, Killer Joe |<a href="" target="_blank">Frotcast</a>| Vince will be doing some comedy next week for <a href="" target="_blank">SF Sketchfest</a> and next month at the <a href="" target="_blank">Hollywood Improv</a>.



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Oscar voters are out of touch, milquetoast, hopelessly middlebrow, and so old that they couldn't even figure out <a href="" target="_blank">how to e-vote</a>, but it's always been this way, and we still argue about it anyway.

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Oscar ‘For Your Consideration’ Posters (Morning Links)


View more at <a href="" target="_blank">NextMovie</a>.

BEST OF 2012

The 12-ish Best Films of 2012

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At times it can be nearly impossible to squeeze your reactions to a film into the narrow rubric of A through F, or on-a-scale-of-one-to-ten grades.


“Ladies of Tampa” declared eligible for Best Original Song

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The Academy late yesterday released a list of some 75 songs that will be eligible for the Best Original Song Oscar when the nominations are released January 10th.

Brad Pitt

Matthew McConaughey’s full-page Variety ad

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They may not quote FilmDrunk in Matthew McConaughey's full-page, for-your-consideration ad in Variety, but if he wins, I will almost certainly take all the credit.


Alright Alright Alright: Matthew McConaughey Nominated for Two Independent Spirit Awards

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If the Matthew McConaughey <a href="" target="_blank">hype train</a> makes it all the way to Oscar town, let it be said that we were there to tearfully bid it bon voyage as it left the station.

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