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Watch These Korean Gals Get All Hot And Bothered While Watching ‘Magic Mike’

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These young ladies get their first taste of Channing Tatum in 'Magic Mike' and they will never be the same.


Drop Your Socks And Grab Your Jocks, Here’s The Trailer For ‘Magic Mike XXL’

By | 27 Comments

Channing Tatum and his crew of male strippers are back in the first trailer for 'Magic Mike XXL.'


‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants Might Be Smart But They Don’t Know Squat About Channing Tatum

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'Jeopardy!' contestants might think they're geniuses, but they don't know anything about Channing Tatum's movies.


Channing Tatum Got Joe Manganiello Naked ‘As Much As Possible’ For ‘Magic Mike XXL’

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In a new interview, Channing Tatum joked that he got Joe Manganiello naked 'as much as possible' while filming 'Magic Mike XXL.'

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Matthew McConaughey Is Open To A Role In ‘Star Wars’

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Matthew McConaughey talks about his favorite Star Wars character and whether he'd take a role in the new films.

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In Which Kelly Ripa Talks About Michael Strahan’s Penis In A Banana Hammock For ‘Magic Mike XXL’

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If you would like to see Michael Strahan's Strahan in a thong, go see "Magic Mike XXL" with Kelly Ripa.


Allow CNN To Introduce You To The Male Strippers At The Center Of The Latest Ebola Fiasco

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Taylor Cole and Axl Goode were returning from a "romance novel convention" when they found themselves next to a woman who now has Ebola.


Extras Are Having A Hard Time Handling The Nudity On The Set Of ‘Magic Mike XXL’

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Several extras for 'Magic Mike XXL' have left the set because they weren't comfortable around 'acts of a sexual nature.'


Donald Glover Has Joined ‘Magic Mike XXL,’ Which Is Now Basically ‘The Expendables’ Of Dong-Shaking

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The plot for 'Magic Mike XXL' has finally been revealed, as Donald Glover and others have also joined the road trip stripper comedy.


Bad News, Lawbreakers: Matthew McConaughey Isn’t Returning For ‘Magic Mike XXL’

By | 17 Comments

Channing Tatum promised that the original cast was returning for 'Magic Mike XXL,' but that apparently didn't mean Dallas.


Taye Diggs Violated Andy Richter To Prove He Can Be In ‘Magic Mike XXL’


Responding to rumors that he's being cast in 'Magic Mike XXL,' Taye Diggs showed off his moves by dancing on Andy Richter on 'Conan.'


Joe Manganiello Teaches Conan Some Of His Finest Stripper Moves

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Joe Manganiello played the role well enough in 'Magic Mike' and now he's sharing his moves with Conan.


Steven Soderbergh Will Be Magic Mike XXL’s Cameraman, Cinematographer, and Editor

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Steven Soderbergh won't be directing the Magic Mike sequel, but his strong editorial hand will still be guiding C-Tates' package.


Calling All Lawbreakers: Big Dick Richie Says ‘Magic Mike 2′ Will Begin Filming In The Fall

By | 6 Comments

While there's no director just yet, Joe Manganiello says that filming for 'Magic Mike 2' is set to begin in the fall.


Matt Bomer Is Putting His Faith In Channing Tatum For ‘Magic Mike 2′

By | 4 Comments

While Matt Bomer doesn't even know if he has a part in 'Magic Mike 2' yet, he's sure that Channing Tatum is going to handle the story properly.


Channing Tatum Is Writing ‘Magic Mike 2′ While Staring At A Bust Of Matthew McConaughey

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Channing Tatum posted a photo of himself writing 'Magic Mike 2' and staring at his very own bust of Matthew McConaughey.


‘Magic Mike’ Is Indeed Heading To Broadway

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While Deadline reported the green light news last Friday, the hardest twerkin’ man in show bizna$$$ty, Channing Tatum, offered up his own confirmation on Tuesday that his hit semi-autobiographical film, Magic Mike, is 100% going to become a Broadway musical.

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