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Fox Has Picked ‘Game Of Thrones’ Writer Bryan Cogman For ‘Magic The Gathering’

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Fox has tapped into the success of 'Game of Thrones' by hiring writer, producer and story editor Bryan Cogman to pen 'Magic the Gathering.'


A Rapper Went To A 'Magic' Tournament And Took Pictures Of Every Exposed Butt

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Wanna find some hot butt pics? Don't go to a "Magic: The Gathering" tournament.

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Hollywood Is Assembling Its Deck For A ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Movie Franchise

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Have you been waiting for Magic: The Gathering to be made into a major movie franchise? Well, it's happening anyways...


Five Mobile Games To Help You Survive The Holidays

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At home? Away from your precious console? Mobile games to the rescue!

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Someone Paid $27,000 For A ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Card On eBay

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An eBay auction for a very rare 'Magic: The Gathering' card ended on Sunday, with the seller picking up a whopping $27,000 for the collectible.

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Five Reasons ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Is Better As A Video Game

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'Magic: The Gathering' is the first struggle with addiction many nerds have. Now cardboard crack has finally been refined to tablet game form.


Presenting 'Magic Johnson: The Gathering'

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The sports world is abuzz with the news that a Magic-Johnson fronted group broke the dang old bank in order to purchase the Dodgers for over $2 billion, which is a figure so absurd that it may as well be written like a comic strip character says cuss words.


Issue Number One: New Comics Reviews


Welcome to Issue Number One, where we look at this week's new comic series and miniseries starting up and whether they're any good.


Thirty Cards That Make “Magic: The Gathering” Even Nerdier

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We don't often talk about physical roleplaying games on here because there's just not enough time in the day, especially since most of it is, well, pretty arcane and obscure.

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Gizmodo Editor Alyssa Bereznak Spills About Date With Champion Gamer She Met On OKCupid

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Though I've been tempted to dip my toe into the world of online dating -- a world I find quite fascinating -- I've yet to do so, and doubt I ever will, mainly because I have an arguably irrational feeling of sketchiness about the whole thing.

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