Chrissy Teigen

Watch Chrissy Teigen Astound With Magic Tricks On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

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Did you know that supermodel Chrissy Teigen is really into magic? Neither did we!


Neil Patrick Harris Has A Magic Room In His House With A Secret Door, Because Obviously


We all know Neil Patrick Harris is a big fan of magic, so this should come as no surprise.

#Viral Videos

Watch This Young Magician Bring Thug Life To The World Of Magic


A slight edit and some musical changes turn this magic kid into a hardcore thug.

Magic Tricks

Watch This Magician Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket With Some Fancy Rubik’s Cube Tricks

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Steven Brundage was pulled over by police for speeding, but managed to beat the ticket using only a rubik's cube and a little magic.

Goat Simulator

‘Goat Simulator’ Takes Down Skyrim In Its Next Patch, ‘Goat MMO Simulator’

By | 5 Comments

Coffee Stain Studios want you to feel the wind in its morrows with 'Goat MMO Simulator.'

#ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Jimmy Kimmel Put An Interesting Twist On The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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If you haven't had enough of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at this point, you might be interested in this clever twist by Jimmy Kimmel.

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These Insanely Good Magicians Left Los Angeles Locals Freaking The F*ck Out

By | 11 Comments

Two magicians perform some of the most mind-blowing magic tricks and get the best reactions.


These Dogs Do Not Appreciate Getting Barked At By A Human Being

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Watch the hilarious results as a voice actor convincingly barks at a bunch of dogs.

#Viral Videos

And Now We Finally Have The Long-Awaited Footage Of Cats Reacting To Magic

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It's probably not all that hard to figure out how cats react to magic.


These Amazing Vine Magic Tricks Might Make You Appreciate Magic Six-Seconds At A Time

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It's hard to really consider it magic in the traditional sense, but these Vine magic tricks will still have you scratching your head for a few seconds.


And Now Here’s Kanye, Harrison Ford And Will & Jada Smith Freaking The F*ck Out Over David Blaine’s Magic

By | 21 Comments

Time to bring the whole thing full circle with this clip of Will and Jada Smith and then Kanye and David Blaine.


Magic Trick Freaks Out Reporter on Live TV


Magician Justin Willman startles reporter Allie MacKay with a glass-shattering trick.


The Vancouver Canucks Green Men Magic Hour, Featuring Niklas Hjalmarsson

By | 8 Comments

Niklas Hjalmarsson of the Chicago Blackhawks suffered a great indignity on Monday night.


Imaginary Friend Photo Prank


A clever prankster freaks strangers out with a creative photo trick.


Magic Clerk: Easter Edition


Michael Carbonaro tricks some very gullible convenience store customers with his funny magic pranks.


Justin Flom’s Magic Mint Retrieval Trick


Magician Justin Flom shows off a crazy magic trick on Ellen.

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