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Watch This Magician Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket With Some Fancy Rubik’s Cube Tricks

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Steven Brundage was pulled over by police for speeding, but managed to beat the ticket using only a rubik's cube and a little magic.

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These Insanely Good Magicians Left Los Angeles Locals Freaking The F*ck Out

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Two magicians perform some of the most mind-blowing magic tricks and get the best reactions.

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And Now Here’s Kanye, Harrison Ford And Will & Jada Smith Freaking The F*ck Out Over David Blaine’s Magic

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Time to bring the whole thing full circle with this clip of Will and Jada Smith and then Kanye and David Blaine.


Scary Snowman Prank


Magician <a href="">Rich Ferguson</a> --dressed as a snowman prop -- scares people on the street when they try to fix his falling sign.


The Dropping Head Prank (Elevator Edition)


Magician Rich Ferguson scares people with his <a href="">Dropping Head Prank</a> as they get on the elevator.


The Dropping Head Prank


Magician Rich Ferguson scares people on the street with his head drop trick.


A documentary about teen magicians? Yes, please.

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Almost all of my favorite documentaries are in some way or another about odd subcultures (American Movie, King of Kong, Anvil, Exit Through the Gift Shop, Spellbound), and what's an odder subculture than magicians.



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Will Smith and his I Am Legend director Francis Lawrence are teaming up to produce a film about.

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