A Brief History Of Turning The Hoverboard Into A Reality


Thirty years of experiments and ideas are making the hoverboard real...but it took some serious physics to make it happen.


The NFL Could Soon Be Using Magnets To Reduce Concussions

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A magnet in the helmet won't reduce all concussions, but it could help the NFL keep them from being too traumatic.


Colin Furze Is Back, And He’s Got ‘Magneto Shoes’


Britain's insane gadget guy has made a tribute to Magneto in the form of shoes.


Vince Gilligan Says The 'Breaking Bad' Finale Will Be 'Victorious'

By | 15 Comments

The 'Breaking Bad' finale will NOT be open ended. THANK GOD.


Aaron Paul And Vince Gilligan Will Appear In A 'Breaking Bad'-Themed Episode Of 'Mythbusters'

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Aaron Paul and Vince Gilligan are going to appear in a "Breaking Bad"-themed episode of "Mythbusters." YEAH, BITCH!


Links With A Meeting of the Spidermen


PICTURE: Donald Glover meets the guy who got his Spiderman role.


Magnets Can Turn You Into A Lefty

By | 3 Comments

You know when you reflexively reach out a hand to do something without thinking like pushing a button or smacking someone you can't stand.


Science for Juggalos

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As you probably already know, the Insane Clown Posse's "Miracles" video turned into a meme for lyrics like, "F*ckin' magnets, how do they work.

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