The Day After Tomorrow

Maino x Funkmaster Flex – Respect The Jux Mixtape


If Maino comes around the corner you're serving birdies on and tells you to get down and give it up, you have no choice but to Respect The Jux.

The Day After Tomorrow

Maino Feat. Roscoe Dash – “Let It Fly” Video


Roscoe Dash is Hip-Hop's reigning hookman for hire and Maino has had success with such characters in the past.


Maino – “Machine Gun Rap”

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"And who you call your wife is a hoe to me, more n*ggas done been on her than the 'Otis' beat.


6.14 The Cooler

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Uncle Murda

Maino Feat. Red Cafe & Uncle Murda – “Welcome To My Hood”

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Maino's BK all day and obviously a pretty tough character.


Maino Is The Toughest Uncle In The World

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You know you're on to something when you make a storied rap career just by being yourself.


Maino – “2011 Predictions”

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Now that Maino's three years in with his "Prediction" songs, it's safe to officially call them a series.

The Art Of War Mixtape

Maino – “Retaliate” Video

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Maino prescribes the "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" ideology, even if he has the kick the enamel right out of your mouth.

The Art Of War Mixtape

Maino – “Girlfriend” Video


If you're familar with Maino's debut album, you already know his luck with the ladies wasn't the best as he threatened to send his baby momma packing to the afterlife, courtesy of a thirty-story building swan dive.

#Kanye West

TSS Presents Consequence’s Movies On Demand: Menu Guide

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Spoiler alert: Consequence's Movies On Demand will go down as one of the best mixtapes of 2010.

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