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20 Wild Things You Might Not Know About ‘Major League’ For Its 25th Anniversary


Celebrate the 25th anniversary of 'Major League's' with the secret to Charlie Sheen's 85 MPH fastball. Hint: it wasn't tiger blood.


Here's An Italian Baseball Team's Blackface Tribute To 'Major League.' No, You Read That Correctly.

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An Italian baseball team paid tribute to the AmEx commercial in 'Major League' by recreating it shot-for-shot, and also by painting white guys black. Uh...


Of All People, Bob Uecker Claims That ‘Major League IV’ Is In The Works

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Bob Uecker told a Milwaukee Brewers beat writer that he has been approached for 'Major League 4' and he's down to return as Harry Doyle.


Willie Mays Hayes Exists, And He’s Korean

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Here's Jeon Jun-woo of the Lotte Giants doing a "lotte" celebration for a home run that, uh, isn't a home run.


Enough Already, Charlie Sheen

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The Arizona Diamondbacks let Charlie Sheen take batting practice prior to yesterday's 5-3 win over the New York Mets, and while it's bad enough that people continue to pay attention to his depressing antics, the reason that he was there is even worse - he's trying to get into shape for Major League 4.


Oakland Would Play Better If They Turned On Some Lights

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At long last, here is your full, high-definition theatrical trailer for Moneyball, the Aaron Sorkin adaptation of the book by Michael M.


Miami’s Got Friends On The Other Side

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Here's something sure to make pro basketball more accessible to the Internet's below-average whites; Miami Heat fans have been buying up voodoo dolls by the hundreds in an attempt to curse the Dallas Mavericks.


High-school baseballers sacrifice chicken, Jobu unimpressed

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A pair of high-school baseball players were caught MURDERING poor DEFENSELESS BABY CHICKENS in a cruel attempt to improve their batting averages this week, according to reports.


Now Charlie Sheen Can Start Filming ‘Major League 4′

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By now you're probably caught up with <a href="http://warmingglow.uproxx.com/2011/02/charlie-sheen-aint-care">the latest shenanigans of Charlie Sheen</a>.


Charlie Sheen + Brian Wilson = BFF

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If you’re the general manager of a baseball franchise, there are a few things that you’d probably rather not hear, like your star first baseman was arrested for DUI, or your ace is dating Alyssa Milano, or Lady Gaga wants to visit the clubhouse.

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Afternoon News Round Up

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That dude who does long movie reviews did a long review of Baby's Day Out for some reason.

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