A Texas Politician Parodied ‘Let It Go’ In An Attack Ad And It’s Even Worse Than You Think

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David Dewhurst isn't about to let Dan Patrick take his job without delivering some ice cold burns.

yoko ono

Here’s Yoko Ono’s Cover Of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ To Close Out Your Week On A Terrible Note

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Have a great weekend, everyone. There are only 11 shopping days left until Christmas.


The ‘I Hate Christmas’ Supercut You’ve Been Yearning For Is Here


The holidays are not for everyone. This supercut, from our friends at Slacktory, is for those people.


Today in Shut the Hell Up: “The Geekies”

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I've been hoping and praying almost every day for past few years that this cottage industry built around flattering and pandering to "nerds" (whatever the hell that even means anymore) would finally start to die, but it hasn't slowed at all.


Lil Wayne Signed Paris Hilton To His Record Label Just Like ‘Revelations’ Said He Would

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Paris Hilton and Lil Wayne are making music together because we don't deserve nice things.


Third Elmo Accuser Comes Forward

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I was really into this Kevin-Clash-gets-accused-of-statutory rape show when it first came out, but ever since the first guy told everyone he got paid $125K in hush money, and they tried to replace him with another guy who just wants money and might be lying, it really jumped the shark.

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