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The Daily Show Talked Lana, The Real Americans And WWE’s Controversial ‘Current Events’

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Jon Stewart's exploding wrestling fandom continues as The Daily Show discusses Lana, The Real Americans and WWE's Malaysian Airlines promo.


Unreal: Couple Who Lost Son & Daughter-In-Law In Flight MH370 Crash Also Lost Family In Flight MH17 Crash

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A family who lost their son and daughter-in-law in Flight MH370 is experiencing another nightmare as a result of Flight MH17.


Jason Biggs Already Made A Bad Malaysian Airlines Joke And Had A Total Meltdown Over The¬†Backlash It Caused

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What a surprise, Jason Biggs has already said something dumb and insensitive about the Malaysian Airlines crash.


Despite Her Best Efforts, Courtney Love Has Not Found Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

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Using the expanded map coverage from Tomnod, Courtney Love, of all people, thinks that she found where the missing Malaysia Airlines plane crashed.

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