No Malice

No Malice Ft. Fam-Lay – “Blasphemy” Video

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<em>"I get better with age while time's evolvin', I'm a vintage wine, I'm a retro Jordan..."</em>


Life Change: No Malice Shuts Down Any And All Rumors Of New Clipse Album

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Not going to happen "unless there’s a universal revival."

pusha t

No Malice & Pusha T Reunite For New Song, “Shame The Devil”

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The Clipse's absence has been long been documented, and with the release of "Shame The Devil," all the Pusha/Malice beef rumors can finally be laid to rest.


Tracklistings: No Malice’s ‘Hear Ye Him’

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The holy one No Malice continues the push towards the August 18th release date of Hear Ye Him by unveiling the album artwork, tracklisting and guest features.

No Malice

No Malice Ft. Jon Bibbs – “Bury That”

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With the push for Hear Ye Him underway, No Malice sets free the new tune "Bury That" to prove to the non-believers that his lyricism is still dope, just minus the coke.


Here’s No Malice To Tell Us More About The New Clipse Album

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Can you believe it's been four years since the last Clipse project.


Here’s More Information On That Clipse Album We’ve Been Waiting For

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Ever since No Malice found religion, Tony found prison and Pusha found his way to G.

Triple Beam Dreams

Kingpen Slim Feat. No Malice & Lamar Starzz – “My Speciality”


Kingpen Slim's Triple Beam Dreams works its way onto the e-streets tomorrow but today we get a final dose, "My Specialty," featuring a verse from No Malice sounding like a lot like his old self as he speaks on touching scales, Re-Up chains and not being able to leave the game.


No Malice – “June” Video

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No Malice (feels weird typing that) is a man of his word.

What's Beef?

Pusha T Thought Lil Wayne’s Diss Was “Trash” Too

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Pusha T stopped by <a href="">Flex's radio gig</a> to talk shop about Weezy, Drake versus Breezy and Nicki skipping Summer Jam.


Today In Name Changes: The Clipse’s Malice Will Now Be Called “No Malice”

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In a change indicative of his new, more sanctified outlook on life, Clipse member <a href="">Malice</a> tells <a href="">The Source</a> he shall henceforth be referred to by his new chosen name, No Malice, and, by the tail end of the video, there's a project soon to be released.

Wretched Pitiful Poor Blind & Naked

Malice Of The Clipse Explains The Dark Side Of Being A Hometown Prophet

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While at A3C, I ran into Malice, who was signing copies of his book Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind & Naked.

Two And A Half Men

6.29 The Cooler

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<a href=""> Xianne Los Angeles Schools Shift Away From Homework <a href="">[Time]</a> How To Make The Perfect Burger <a href="">[Best Bites]</a> MySpace To Be Sold for Scrap <a href="">[Gawker]</a> Ron Artest To Play In Finland.


Malice Talks Changing His Name & Subject Matter

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<a href=""> Imagining Clipse not rapping about "'caine and guns" seems hard to even consider but it looks like that's the way things are headed, at least maybe for <a href="">Malice</a>.

Wretched Pitiful Poor Blind & Naked

Video: Malice’s “Brother’s Keeper” Vignette #3

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<a href=""> When was the last time you heard or saw a rapper use the term "vignette"? Thought so. Mal's one of the few trill and convincing enough to even attempt it. The Virginia emcee turned author's tome Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked is available starting on Valentine's Day. Pre-order your copies now @ <a href=""></a>.

#Kanye West

Play Calling: 10 G.O.O.D. Friday Guest Appearances That Need To Happen

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<a href=""> G.O.O.D. Friday has been an epic occurrence in Hip-Hop lore. For the last few weeks, we've been exposed to classic records that have set the internet on fire every weekend. All but one of the tracks have come with a slew of guest appearances from artists that understand the importance of the music and have contributed some of the best verses of their careers. Though the G.O.O.D. Friday experience has been nothing short of great, there are still a few artists that haven't appeared yet that we'd love to see tackle one of Yeezy's tracks. There are still a few weeks left, so maybe Kanye will take our list into consideration when picking artists to collaborate with before G.O.O.D. Friday ends. <a href=""> 1. Malice -- So Yeezy proposes a <a href="">toast to douchebags and a-holes</a> but forgets to invite Pusha’s brother Malice, who’s writing a book about self-loathing.


Malice Brings The Bible To The Trap

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<a href=""> <a href="">Malice's Vlogs</a> have been pretty fascinating since their inception.

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