The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – Kid Cudi’s “Up Up & Away”

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The uptempo outro to Kid Cudi's major label debut is an ideal wake-and-bake track: melodic guitar riffs, warm messages and a catchy hook leave listeners feeling as lifted as the title would suggest.


KiD CuDi – “Soundtrack 2 My Life” Video

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The images captured here, all from Cudi's tour, are nothing short of astounding and <a href="">Jason Goldwatch</a> and the Decon Creative Group deserve a huge round of applause for pulling it all together.


KiD CuDi Feat. MGMT & RATATAT – “Pursuit Of Happiness” Alternate Video

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Since <a href="">the OG version</a> is a bit timely with the New Year's theme, this version of <a href="">CuDi's</a> classical anthem should hold up better throughout the year.

Man On The Moon: The End Of Day

For The Free: Kid Cudi Man Skateboard Deck

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We present to you one of the coveted <a href="">KiD CuDi</a> Man On The Moon skateboard decks, courtesy of one of our good pals @ Universal.

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“Kiss The Ring 2K9″ – The Fifteen Best Hip-Hop Albums Of 2009

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The album may have decreased in monetary significance over the years, but few can deny the calibration it stacks onto an artist's creative worth.

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KiD CuDi: 2009 MVP?

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I would like to nominate <a href="">KiD CuDi</a> for artist of the year.


Video: KiD CuDi Performs “CuDi Zone” In Miami

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Recent footage of Scotty performing "Cudi Zone" in Miami.

Underground Atlanta

Email Check: Winners For Underground Atlanta & KiD CuDi Posters

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Pony Express finally delivered the autographed vinyl for <a href="">the Underground Atlanta compilation giveaway</a>.


“Heart Of A Lion…”

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I was already on the cusp of saying how much I've enjoyed the musical maturation of <a href="">Scotty</a>.

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For The Free: KiD CuDi Posters

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We've got these neato CuDi posters to give away in recognition of the freshman's <a href="">Man On The Moon</a> release.

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“Enter Galactic” – Review Of KiD CuDi’s Man On The Moon: The End Of Day

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As we showed you before on <a href="../2009/02/review-of-joe-buddens-padded-room" target="_blank">Joe Budden's Padded Room </a> review, we aren't just throwing Cigs at a dart board when we come up with these ratings.

Notable Quotables

Notable Quotable – KiD CuDi’s “Solo Dolo (Nightmare)”

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"My world, turns Flippin' the bird To the ones who fig-ure me out, Kast no not the duo Back at Shaker Heights When they knew Though little brother was a strange one Boo hoo Cry me a river Hater, look who Traveled out an igloo Cold cold world wasn't fit for me at, all Look at where I stand at Tall, clutchin' my Kid Cudi bizalls Mute muthafucka's back home Quick pause Gargle on my mayo Look at me I bet I'm the one you think the fail Floatin' in my mind No sail Ahoy.


Kid Cudi – “Soundtrack 2 My Life”

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CuDi scored <a href="">A Bathing Ape collabo</a>.


Fingers Crossed…

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After setting the bar at Olympic levels for Kid CuDi's debut, Man in the Moon: The End of Day, I'll be extremely pissed if any amount of it sounds like the recently leaked "That Girl.

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“Said She Can Have Whatever She Likes…”

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I know I'm in the minority about being elated @ finding this and that's okay.


KiD CuDi – “Call Me Moon Man”

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Possibly a leftover from when he was still a Guardian but it's still new to the lot of us regardless.

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KiD CuDi Feat. Kanye West & Common – “Make Her Say” Video

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<a style="color:#439CD8;" href="" target="_blank">Kid Cudi</a> - <a style="color:#439CD8;" href="" target="_blank">New Music</a> - <a style="color:#439CD8;" href="" target="_blank">More Music Videos</a> If CuDi sticks to the music & not <a href="">the shenanigans</a>, he's alright with me.


LiL CuDi PLeaSe…

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Mad because his debut won't make the August 31 cutoff for 2010 Grammy Nominations.


Video: KiD CuDi – Man On The Moon: The End Of Day (Album Trailer)


What a world that we're livin' in when Hip-Hop artists make trailers for everything short of a trip to McDonald's.

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