Champions League: Has the Rest of Europe Caught Up To The Top Teams?

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Upsets are common in world football but when so many top clubs fall simultaneously, its no fluke.


EPL’s Big Names Brought Suspense & Controversy To Rivalry Weekend

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Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and new kids Manchester City names preceded all others in the Premier League this past weekend.


You’re The Man Now, Dog!

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Imagine yourself winning your first grand slam victory.


Robin van Persie Heads A Soccer Ball Really F*cking Well

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Writer's Note: I wrote up Martin Skrtel's sensational header against Manchester City last weekend because it was badass.


Robin Van Persie Is Now A Man U Red Devil

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The calm surrounding Robin Van Persie’s exit from Arsenal this summer was all a mirage.

Wojciech Szczesny

EPL Wrap-Up: Chelsea Manager Axed, Gunners Over Liverpool, Manchester United Steal One From Spurs

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They say death comes in threes and for Chelsea Football Club it came with a loss to WBA, dropping out of a Champions League spot and the firing of their coach Andre Villas Boas.


Champions League Recap 11.23: FC Barcelona Rolls AC Milan, Chelsea Falls

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Soccer fans don't have NBA withdrawal; we have the Champions League.


Mario Balotelli & Manchester City Destroy Manchester United 6-1

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In the "Subway Series of Soccer," Manchester City trampled Manchester United 6-1 on Sunday to prove they weren't pretenders but contenders for the Premier League Crown.


Meme Watch: Excited Soccer Kid Is Excited

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Yesterday while going through some old images in my "SFW" folders, I came across this photo from a recent "friendly" match between the New England Revolution and Manchester United.


He Should’ve Called Motion

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This is the closest I've seen soccer get to pick-up basketball, and from the look of things it was almost as competitive.


British Tabloids Googling for Arrested Development Screencaps

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British tabloids are "blazing hot" this morning after Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney tweeted the first photo of his hair transplant, because British tabloids spent a month talking about that one lady's wedding hat and get bent out of shape over everything.


Manchester U. Fans Win This Round


A new study by the social media service FanGager has determined that the “fans” on Manchester United’s Facebook page are the most active of any fan page on Mark Zuckerberg’s cash cow.


Wayne Rooney Is Good At Soccer

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We finally tracked down some video of Wayne Rooney's bicycle kick goal against Man City over the weekend.


Ryan Babel Is Going To Twitter Jail

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On Sunday, Manchester United defeated Liverpool 1-0 in the third round of the FA Cup, and I assume that may have meant something to people who follow soccer.


MLS All-Stars Get *Man*-Handled…Zing?

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Those of you discouraged about the possibility of soccer climbing out of "dork fetish" status here in the states can breathe a little easier today: The MLS All-Star Game happened last night, but instead of the league's best players playing each other, they formed a single team and took on Manchester United, the perennial Champions League power who happen to be stateside for a preseason tour.


Bayern-Man U, As Re-Enacted By Legos

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We could have made a bigger deal about this Bayern-Manchester United match from last week, where Bayern essentially knocked the prominent English club out of Champions League title contention.

Yele Haiti

The Week That Was: The Aftermath

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Haiti was on the forefront of everyone's minds this week, both near and far.

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