Jim Rome Called Marching Bands Dorks On Twitter, So They Got Sweet Revenge On The Field

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Marching band aficionados past and present rallied the troops with the #MarchOnRome hashtag to tell off Jim Rome their own special way.


Move Over, T-Rex, The Clemson Tigers Marching Band Made Goombas In A Nintendo Tribute

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Mushrooms, bloopers, Triforces and more appear in the Clemson Tigers marching band's tribute to Nintendo, from Thursday's game against Georgia Tech.

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The Ohio State Marching Band Won The Weekend With This Incredible T-Rex Formation

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The Ohio State marching band has already established itself as an UPROXX favorite and it really won our hearts over the weekend.


Watch The Ohio State Marching Band Blow Our Minds Again

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Because of course we’d like to see a human formation of a T-Rex eating someone on a football field.


Watch The Ohio State Marching Band Pay Tribute To Michael Jackson

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NPR Music shared this video of a marching band with a note that said "Go to 3:58.


Marching Band Suffers Seven Tuba Pileup


A high school marching band has their entire tuba section fall like dominos during a halftime performance.


With Leather’s Watch This: Ohio University’s Rendition Of Ylvis’ ‘The Fox’ Is Pretty Good

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Anybody who listens to the FrotCast on a regular basis, and doesn’t ignore the one or two episodes that Vince allows me to be on each year, will know that we’ve been hip to the Ylvis scene for a while now.

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Holy Zelda, Ohio State University Marching Band’s Tribute To Video Games Is All Kinds Of Awesome

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Watch the Buckeyes marching band perform a tribute to video games, including Pokemon, Halo, and Space Invaders.

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Florida State Marching Band Performed ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theme Song

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During their win against Clemson, the Florida State University marching band played the "Game of Thrones" theme song.


Failed Cincinnati Trumpet Player: Still Sounds Better Than Anything At The VMAs

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Cincinnati hosted Pitt on Thursday night, and while a 34-10 Panthers loss may seem like the biggest fail of the evening, it's got stiff competition from a Bearcats trumpet player.

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