#ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Ronda Rousey Helped Stephanie McMahon Complete The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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If you need to complete a viral charity ice bucket challenge, it helps to have Ronda Rousey around. Here's Stephanie McMahon's effort.


A Very Scientific Ranking Of The 29 Worst Celebrity Guests In WrestleMania History

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We're counting down the 29 worst celebrity guests in WWE WrestleMania history, from Kim Kardashian to the 'Where's the Beef?' lady.

#Guardians of the Galaxy

Vin Diesel Says There Will Be ‘A Merging Of Brands’ In Marvel’s Phase 3

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In an interview, Vin Diesel spoke about playing Groot in 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and revealed something new about his meeting with Marvel.


Jack Nicholson Had Dane Cook And Maria Menounos Kicked Out Of A Lakers Game

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I’ve always thought that a really fun movie for Jack Nicholson to make – as opposed to anything that shows Kathy Bates’ breasts – would be a comedy about his real life superfan allegiance to the Los Angeles Lakers, in which he plays himself caught up in some strange adventure when his zany antics go too far.


Instagram Of The Day: Kate Upton Made Chopstick Mustaches With Stacy Keibler & Maria Menounos

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This Instagram image doesn't come with a lot of context -- all that accompanied it in its tweet was "Just girls bein girls" -- but hey, Kate Upton, Stacy Keibler and Maria Menounos hung out last night, all sat on the same side of the table (.


McKayla Maroney Is Now Being Photobombed By People Doing The Face

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During a recent taping of "Extra," Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney was photobombed by people doing The Face.


The Best And Worst Of WWE SummerSlam 2012: Live From Los Angeles, California

By | 156 Comments

Pre-show notes - Thank you for bearing with the semi-lateness of this week's reports.


The Best And Worst Of WWE WrestleMania XXVIII Live

By | 220 Comments

Pre-show notes: - First and foremost I'd like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ give a huge thank you to Bill Hanstock for filling in on the WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread and to Chris Trew for his excellent fill-in job for me on yesterday's Best And Worst Of Raw.


The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 3/19/12: Little Mac Versus Bald Bull

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Pre-show notes: - Don't be afraid to leave a comment on this report.


Important News: Dancing With The Stars Season 14 Has Its Sports Guys

By | 8 Comments

The cast for season 14 of ABC’s 'Dancing with the Stars' was unveiled this morning, and to answer the questions you may be having so far: 1.


The Maria Menounos Super Bowl Bikini Bet: A Retrospective

By | 9 Comments

What you need to know, from the New York Daily News: The 33-year-old "Extra" correspondent found herself on the losing end of a bet against her colleague A.

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