Here’s Mariah Carey Allegedly Lip Syncing During A Concert In Jamaica

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Mariah Carey should probably try harder at that lop syncing thing.

nick cannon

Nick Cannon Has Filed For Divorce From Mariah Carey

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Nick Cannon has filed for divorce from Mariah Carey, but on the plus side she's got a brand new gig at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.


Nick Cannon Says He Wouldn’t Dare Diss Mariah Carey In His Music

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Nick Cannon would never say anything negative about Mariah Carey.

nick cannon

Nick Cannon Supposedly Takes Shots At Mariah Carey On His New Album

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Nick Cannon reportedly has some not nice things to say about Mariah Carey on his new album.


Watch This Hero Monkey Save Another Monkey’s Life


A hero monkey saved his electrocuted friend and we set it to "Hero" by Mariah Carey. Obviously.


Boyz II Men, Lisa Loeb, And So Much Ace Of Base: A Look Back At Billboard’s Top 10 Songs Of 1994

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A peek at Billboard's Top 10 songs of 1994 reveals that we used to really, really love Ace of Base.

Christmas in Rockefeller Center

Something Really Strange Happened To Mariah Carey’s Voice During Tonight’s Christmas Special

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Mariah Carey struggled during her performance tonight at the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting.


Mariah Carey’s Taste In Men Isn’t Improving Following Her Split From Nick Cannon

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Please say these rumors that allude Mariah Carey is spending quality time with Brett Ratner aren't what they seem like.

nick cannon

Nick Cannon Breaks His Silence About Mariah Carey And Their Relationship In An Epic Twitter Rant

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And the PR disaster award of the year goes to Nick Cannon, ladies and gentlemen!


Oh, Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Really Are Getting A Divorce Now

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Love is officially dead, because Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are ending their six year marriage.


Mariah Carey Reportedly Hired Security To Keep Nick Cannon Away From Other Women


If this New York Post story is accurate, we should be hearing a divorce announcement any day now.


Terry Richardson’s Before-And-After Photoshop Pics Of Mariah Carey Are Striking

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Mariah Carey wasn't pretty enough for a magazine, because everything sucks.


Mariah Carey Feat. Nas – “Dedicated”

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Mimi and Nasir kick it old school on this slow-burning, new single.

nick cannon

Reports: The Inevitable Mariah Carey-Nick Cannon Divorce Is Now Imminent

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According to new reports, Mariah Carey is on the verge of filing for divorce from Nick Cannon, as predicted.


David Letterman Has The Perfect Advice For Mariah Carey To Deal With Folks Bugging Her For A New Album

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Mariah Carey is having some trouble with her newest album and Dave is there to swoop in with the best advice you could hear.

nick cannon

IMPORTANT GOOD FRIDAY REMINDER: Nick Cannon And Mariah Carey Took This Easter Photo

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We'd like to wish all of our readers a Happy Easter on behalf of Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey.

nick cannon

Mariah Carey Is Totally Pissed Off At Nick Cannon, Doesn’t Know Who Kim Kardashian Is

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If you wondered how pissed Mariah Carey was going to be at Nick Cannon for talking about the women he's slept with, the answer is very!

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