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Anthony Bourdain Is Publishing A Book Of Marilyn Hagerty's Restaurant Reviews

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When we last checked in on <a href="">our favorite elderly meme from Grand Forks, North Dakota</a>, Marilyn Hagerty was in New York offering up <a href="">her opinion on the city's hot dog carts</a>.


Marilyn Hagerty Takes New York, Reviews Hot Dog Cart

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It's been a week since elderly North Dakota-based food reviewer Marilyn Hagerty <a href="">took the internet by storm</a> with <a href="">her polite review of the new Olive Garden</a> in Grand Forks.

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Once Mocked Marilyn Hagerty Is Now The Undisputed Darling Of The Internet

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I'd like to start this post out by noting that while many people on the internet were bagging on Marilyn Hagerty for <a href="">her Olive Garden review in the Grand Forks Herald</a> last week, I was <a href="">calling her a national treasure</a> and threatening beatdowns to anyone who dared to mess with her.

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Elderly Viral Phenom Completely Flummoxed By Her Sudden Internet Fame

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I have to start off by saying that <a href="">the Marilyn Hagerty phenom</a> is arguably my favorite thing to happen on the internet so far in 2012.


FYI, The Food Scene Is Grand Forks, North Dakota Is Thriving

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The following is an excerpt from an actual restaurant review in an actual newspaper, <a href="">the Grand Forks Herald</a>.

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