Quantum Leap

The Most Ridiculous Times That Sam Influenced The Future On ‘Quantum Leap’

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For Scott Bakula's 60th birthday, we remember the most ridiculous ways that Sam unwittingly helped guide artists on 'Quantum Leap.'


Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe, And 2Pac Are Alive! (In This Insane Beer Commercial)

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Something tells Kurt Cobain wouldn't approve of his likeness being used by a beer company.


So, About That Threesome Sex Tape Marilyn Monroe Made With The Kennedy Brothers…

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You'll have to wait that much longer to see Marilyn Monroe in "The Seven Year Bang."

sex tapes

Marilyn Monroe's Threesome Sex Tape With The Kennedy Brothers Is Going Up For Sale

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The much-rumored Marilyn Monroe sex tape with John and Robert Kennedy is heading to auction.


HBO’s Summer Documentary Series: Love Marilyn

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HBO's summer documentary series continues tonight with Love, Marilyn, from Academy Award nominated director Liz Garbus, previously of Bobby Fischer Against the World and There's Something Wrong with Aunt Diane.


Meet The Private Eye Who Recorded JFK And Marilyn Monroe Having Sex


He was a character straight out of a bad crime novel, and his files include John F. Kennedy having sex with the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe.


Happy Thanksgiving, ‘Merica: A Definitive Gallery Of Things To Be Grateful For Today

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One day I’m going to have a son – or if our God is a vengeful one, 6 daughters – and he will ask me in an adorable-but-eventually-manly voice, “Daddy, what does Thanksgiving mean.


Marilyn Monroe, The Civil Rights Movement Supporter

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Ask people what they know about Marilyn Monroe and most answers revolve around her sexual icon image, the short lived marriage to Joe DiMaggio, the most legendary "Happy Birthday" performance in American history to President John F.


Kate Upton Didn’t Try Very Hard This Halloween, But Who Cares

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What you're looking at, by way of @KateUpton, is America's Best Girl dressed as a zombie version of Marilyn Monroe for Heidi Klum's Halloween party.


The Fascinating Pop Culture Word Art Of Huy Lam


The above painting looks pretty standard, right.


Angelina Jolie as Marilyn Monroe while George Clooney’s dog watches

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According to the latest story, internationally famous brunette sex symbol Angelina Jolie will soon be starring as internationally famous blonde sex symbol Marilyn Monroe.

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