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An Iraq Veteran Returned Home To Discover That His Best Friend Renovated His House

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Master Sergeant Jacinto Bernardo asked his best friend to watch the new house he'd bought for retirement, and he did way more than that.

A Bunch Of Swedish Marines Made ‘Greased Lightning’ Hydromatic AND Ultramatic


These guys are going to get a lot of tit for their "Greased Lightning" homage.


A Marine Proposed To His Girlfriend After A First Pitch In San Diego


The timing for Maximum American Heart-swelling is about a week off, but your heart should still begin increasing in size when you watch this video of a Marine surprise-proposing to his girlfriend after throwing out the first pitch before a San Diego Padres game at PETCO Park.


Reminder: Sports Can Be Really Awesome

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Here are two sports-related stories that will hopefully make you feel a little better about humanity today.


How Could Anyone Not Cheer For The Houston Texans Now?

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If I’m a sucker for just one thing in this world, it’s videos of American soldiers returning home to surprise their families.


Mila Kunis Is Also A Woman Of Her Word

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Last week, we were treated to a wonderful dose of humility and humanity from actor/singer/hot slab of man beef Justin Timberlake when he <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/webculture/2011/11/justin-timberlake-is-a-man-of-his-word/">attended the Marine Corps Ball with Cpl. Kelsey de Santis</a>, who had asked the former boy bander to be her date via YouTube in July.

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Justin Timberlake Is A Man Of His Word

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By all accounts, Justin Timberlake is a cool guy.

betty white

The Marine Corps Ball Just Got Awkward, Thanks to Linda Hamilton. Wait, what?

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As with any Internet meme or YouTube trend, things are bound to get old after one too many people gets in on the joke.

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Mila Kunis Is Still Going On A Date With A Marine, You Guys, And Justin Timberlake Might Be Too

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You may recall the other day we told you about <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/webculture/2011/07/youtube-video-helps-marine-score-date-with-mila-kunis/">a U.S. Marine who asked human honeycomb Mila Kunis to be his date for the Marine's Ball via Youtube</a> -- an invitation she accepted.


YouTube Video Helps Marine Score Date With Mila Kunis

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Despite being Macaulay Culkin's girlfriend for years, Mila Kunis seem like a pretty cool lady.


Marine asks Mila Kunis to Marine Corps Ball, she accepts

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Take it from me, asking famous actresses you've never met out on dates via YouTube usually doesn't work.


Week In Review: Got An Elephant Problem? Go Daddy Will Solve It


Yesterday I dug up some news about American CEOs and how a study said that a record number of CEOs are optimistic about the world's economy, while another CEO had a pretty bleak outlook.


Eyes Up Here For Some Breast News

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They’re a woman’s best asset and a man’s best friends.

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