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5 Reasons The Miami Heat Could Still Lose This Postseason


I don't think anyone was questioning the Miami Heat's chances coming into the playoffs.

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LeBron James Makes Ray Allen and Mario Chalmers do Pushups at Practice

It is not a good idea to play LeBron James [We are all watching] in shooting games after practice.

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Miami Heat Harlem Shake Video

The Miami Heat are the latest (and possibly the best yet) to get in on the Harlem Shake craze.


Video: Mario Chalmers Went Berserk on the Sacramento Kings

From the weekend in case you missed it: On Saturday night the Miami Heat rolled the Sacramento Kings, 128-99.


James Harden Does Whatever He Wants Against The Lakers; LeBron Loses A Battle With A Future Star


If you were busy trying to breakdown Mike D'Antoni's gameplan, which consisted of the coach determining subs by using "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe," you might've missed out on James Harden.


Gerald Green Hosts A Block Party

Gerald Green hustles on the fast break and denies a shot attempt from Mario Chalmers in tonight's matchup between the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat.


LeBron & The Heat Deliver Something Special For OKC; Kobe & Carmelo Stage A Crazy Duel

The past year was a good one for LeBron James and the Miami Heat.

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Video: LeBron James Steals and Unleashes a Massive Fast Break Slam

LeBron James intercepts a pass and puts down the powerful slam assisted by Mario Chalmers on the fast break in today's matchup between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder.


The NBA’s Holiday Gift: 5 Games, 10 Contenders


For as much work as Santa Claus put in last night, the sports world was undeniably quiet on Christmas Eve.


Mario Chalmers Finally Recorded A Rap Song


Mario Chalmers finally recorded a rap song, and it's got everything.


Kevin Garnett’s Intensity Was In Midseason Form Last Night

If you thought old age might calm down Kevin Garnett, you were wrong.


Ray Allen Gets His Revenge; A Star Is Born In Cleveland

It's a new season in the NBA, the Heat and LeBron James have new championship rings, and yet nothing has changed.

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Mario Chalmers Says He’s One Of The NBA’s Best PGs; The Knicks Have New Uniforms

There's something everyone needs to know about Mario Chalmers: his confidence is bordering on movie star-level.

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The 25 Most Underpaid Players In The NBA

Yesterday, we brought you our list of the top 25 most overpaid players in the League.

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More NBA Draft aftermath, and looking ahead to free agency

The aftermath of the NBA Draft is always a good time to tell who actually knows something about basketball and who should just sit in a corner and think about hockey.


Open Thread: NBA Finals Game Five


With Game 5 of the NBA Finals on a collision course with possible history, several questions stand at code red levels.


Video: Dwyane Wade Yells “Motherf***er!” on National TV

If you watched to the very end of Game 4 last night, you probably caught Dwyane Wade heading to the locker room after his interview with Doris Burke.


2012 NBA Finals: Your Game Four Recap


Last night's game was billed as must-win for OKC as no team has been able to recover from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals in, like, ever.


Miami Steals Game 4 Despite 43 From Westbrook; LeBron Is Hurt

You could have crammed an entire postseason's worth of story lines into last night's Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

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