UFC Fight Night 41 and TUF Brasil Finale Live Results And Discussion


We have not one, but TWO UFC events today, so let's get to the live discussions for all of our MMA jokery.


UFC Fight Night 41 and TUF Brazil 3 With Leather Staff Predictions


Our team of experts and UFC analysts picks the winners for Saturday's huge slate of fights for UFC Fight Night 41 and TUF Brazil 3.

#Miley Cyrus

Mark Munoz Came In Like A Filipino Wrecking Ball At The World MMA Awards

Mark Munoz parodied "Wrecking Ball" at the World MMA Awards, and it was actually pretty fantastic.


UFC Fight Night Results: How Did Machida Handle His Transition To Middleweight?


How did Lyoto Machida do in his UFC Middleweight debut against Mark Munoz? Check out the UFC Fight Night Results.


With Leather Live Discussion: UFC Fight Night – Machida Vs. Munoz


Lyoto Machida steps down to the Middleweight division in the main event against Mark Munoz at UFC Fight Night in England tomorrow.

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