Mark Zuckerberg Challenged Facebook Users To Join In With His New Year’s Resolution To Read More Books

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Mark Zuckerberg took to Facebook to announce "A Year of Books" where he is challenging anyone to read a new book every other week in 2015.


Mark Zuckerberg Criticizes Those Smug Apple Hipsters Who Pay Too Much For Products

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Facebook's CEO criticized Apple for ridiculing free online services in the best way possible: by attacking Apple's customers.


Mark Zuckerberg Just Donated A Large Amount Of Money To Fight Ebola

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife are trying to beat back Ebola with their wallet, but they're going to need help.


An Iranian Judge Has Ordered Mark Zuckerberg To Testify In Court

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Won't somebody call Ben Affleck to get Zuck out of this jam!?

The Internet Reacts To Facebook Purchasing Virtual Reality Headset Oculus Rift

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Facebook has purchased virtual reality headset maker Oculus Rift for $2 billion. Here are the funniest tweets, photoshops, GIFs, etc about the news.


Facebook Is Buying The Messaging Service WhatsApp For A Whopping $19 Billion

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Mark Zuckerberg announced today that Facebook is acquiring the global messaging service WhatsApp for a ridiculous package that totals $19 billion.


Facebook Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary By Making Personalized Videos For Everyone, Including You

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For their anniversary, Facebook has made a schmaltzy personalized video for every member. The video compiles some of your most-liked photos and statuses. In my case, it backfired spectacularly.


Facebook’s Waiting On Their Tax Refund Check, Too, Except It’s For $429 Million

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Here's one thing we have in common with Facebook: we're both waiting on our tax refund checks.


Did You Get A Weird Email From Facebook Last Night? Well, It’s Real

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If you got an odd-looking email about a Sponsored Stories lawsuit from Facebook recently, you may be entitled enough money to buy a movie ticket.


Facebook’s Big Announcement Is…A Friend-Centric Search Feature Called Graph Search

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Facebook's "big announcement" is that you will eventually have a search option worth using in the site itself, called Graph Search. Hooray?


Is Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister A Monster Or Merely The Queen Of Delicious Irony?

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Randi Zuckerberg posted a photo to Facebook she believed would only be seen by her Facebook friends, except it was not. She now questions "human decency."


Mark Zuckerberg Is An Exceptionally Bad Tipper, Say Restaurant Employees

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You'd think that a newly minted multi-billionaire celebrating his honeymoon with his bride in Italy wouldn't be shy about letting some of his wealth "trickle down" to the little people like the waiters and waitresses who served him when he visited some of Rome's fine dining establishments.

priscilla chan

Mark Zuckerberg And His Wife Photobomb Chinese Police Documentary

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Considering China's past attempts to reign in the internet -- specifically its attempts to clamp down on social media use by its people -- it's kind of hysterical that Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan, recently spotted dining at McDonald's while honeymooning in Italy, made a bizarre cameo in a snippet from a Chinese documentary on police work that's floating around the web today.


5 Reasons Why Facebook’s Stock Flopped

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After months of hoopla, Facebook finally went public on Friday at an IPO price of $38 per share, with expectations that the number could rise by as much as 50% before the market closed.


5.21 The Cooler

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Sorry Ladies, Mark Zuckerberg Is Now A Married Man


The day after taking Facebook public, Mark Zuckerberg married longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan today.


Question Of The Day: Are You Buying Facebook Stock?

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It seems like the hoopla over Mark Zuckerberg's social network becoming a publicly-traded company has been going on for months.


Donald Trump Offers Some Unsolicited Relationship Advice To Mark Zuckerberg, Because Why Not?


Look, I don't know Mark Zuckerberg, but I'm pretty sure he's a relatively smart guy.


4.19 The Cooler

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