The Internet Reacts To Facebook Purchasing Virtual Reality Headset Oculus Rift

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Facebook has purchased virtual reality headset maker Oculus Rift for $2 billion. Here are the funniest tweets, photoshops, GIFs, etc about the news.


Facebook Is Buying The Messaging Service WhatsApp For A Whopping $19 Billion

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Mark Zuckerberg announced today that Facebook is acquiring the global messaging service WhatsApp for a ridiculous package that totals $19 billion.


Facebook Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary By Making Personalized Videos For Everyone, Including You

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For their anniversary, Facebook has made a schmaltzy personalized video for every member. The video compiles some of your most-liked photos and statuses. In my case, it backfired spectacularly.


Did You Get A Weird Email From Facebook Last Night? Well, It’s Real

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If you got an odd-looking email about a Sponsored Stories lawsuit from Facebook recently, you may be entitled enough money to buy a movie ticket.


Facebook’s Big Announcement Is…A Friend-Centric Search Feature Called Graph Search

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Facebook's "big announcement" is that you will eventually have a search option worth using in the site itself, called Graph Search. Hooray?


Is Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister A Monster Or Merely The Queen Of Delicious Irony?

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Randi Zuckerberg posted a photo to Facebook she believed would only be seen by her Facebook friends, except it was not. She now questions "human decency."


Mark Zuckerberg Is An Exceptionally Bad Tipper, Say Restaurant Employees

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You'd think that a newly minted multi-billionaire celebrating his honeymoon with his bride in Italy wouldn't be shy about letting some of his wealth "trickle down" to the little people like the waiters and waitresses who served him when he visited some of Rome's fine dining establishments.


Mark Zuckerberg And His Wife Photobomb Chinese Police Documentary

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Considering China's past attempts to reign in the internet -- specifically its attempts to clamp down on social media use by its people -- it's kind of hysterical that Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan, recently spotted <a href="">dining at McDonald's while honeymooning in Italy</a>, made a bizarre cameo in a snippet from a Chinese documentary on police work that's floating around the web today.


Sorry Ladies, Mark Zuckerberg Is Now A Married Man


The <a href="">day after taking Facebook public</a>, Mark Zuckerberg married longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan today.


Donald Trump Offers Some Unsolicited Relationship Advice To Mark Zuckerberg, Because Why Not?


Look, I don't know Mark Zuckerberg, but I'm pretty sure he's a relatively smart guy.

Mark Zuckerberg Didn’t Consult With Facebook’s Lawyers Or Board Of Directors Before Buying Instagram

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In a move perhaps intended to remind everyone that he's the CEO, bitch, hoodie wearing carnivore Mark Zuckerberg flew solo when making the deal for Facebook to purchase Instagram for $1 billion.

bill murray

10 Morphing GIFs That Will Have You Seeing Double

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The idea of morphing faces for entertainment value has been around for a while, from Michael Jackson's <a href="" target="_blank">"Black or White" video</a> to Conan's <a href="" target="_blank">"If They Mated" segment</a> to <a href="" target="_blank">the ever popular political merge</a>.

david choe

Who, Besides A Lucky Graffiti Artist, Will Get Filthy Rich Off Of Facebook’s IPO?


Facebook, which currently boasts having 483 million daily active users, <a href="">filed with the SEC for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) yesterday</a>.


Mark Zuckerberg Would Like To Show You The Bison He Killed


Remember back in May when we all learned that <a href="">Mark Zuckerberg had embraced the "I only eat what I kill" diet</a>.


Facebook Launches Timeline Profiles As It Rakes In Cash Hand Over Foot


Nearly three months after first announcing the new feature that every user will have on their profile, Facebook today is launching Timeline.

mark zuckerberg's private facebook pictures

Would You Like To See Mark Zuckerberg’s Private Facebook Photos?

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Want to see the photos someone has on Facebook, but can't because their privacy settings won't let you see them.


The Government Shows Facebook Its Pimp Hand, Then Zuckerberg Mocks It Behind Its Back


As you may have heard, yesterday Facebook agreed to settle federal charges brought against it by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) stating that the social network has basically been lying and deceiving users over privacy.


Facebook De-friending Inspires Woman To Set Neighbor’s House On Fire


We all know by now that Facebook inspires people to do impossibly stupid things.


Mark Zuckerberg Refused To Be Quoted In Randi Zuckerberg’s New York Times Profile


If there's one thing my years of media consumption have taught me, it's how to spot when a profile is a hit job in disguise.

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