Mark Zuckerberg Didn’t Consult With Facebook’s Lawyers Or Board Of Directors Before Buying Instagram


In a move perhaps intended to remind everyone that he's the CEO, bitch, hoodie wearing carnivore Mark Zuckerberg flew solo when making the deal for Facebook to purchase Instagram for $1 billion.


Facebook Looks To Change The Way We Watch Movies With Bob Marley Documentary


After recently acquiring Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg continues his conquest for world dominance with news that Facebook will be streaming the first ever US movie simultaneously with a release in theaters.

#bill murray

10 Morphing GIFs That Will Have You Seeing Double


The idea of morphing faces for entertainment value has been around for a while, from Michael Jackson's "Black or White" video to Conan's "If They Mated" segment to the ever popular political merge.


2.2 The Cooler


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Facebook Launches Timeline Profiles As It Rakes In Cash Hand Over Foot

Nearly three months after first announcing the new feature that every user will have on their profile, Facebook today is launching Timeline.


Facebook Glitch Leaks Mark Zuckerberg’s Pictures, Reveals He’s A Very Boring Person


A recent malfunction in Facebook's security (or lack thereof) leaked several of Mark Zuckerberg's personal pictures, divulging absolutely nothing.


Would You Like To See Mark Zuckerberg’s Private Facebook Photos?


Want to see the photos someone has on Facebook, but can't because their privacy settings won't let you see them.


The Government Shows Facebook Its Pimp Hand, Then Zuckerberg Mocks It Behind Its Back

As you may have heard, yesterday Facebook agreed to settle federal charges brought against it by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) stating that the social network has basically been lying and deceiving users over privacy.


Facebook De-friending Inspires Woman To Set Neighbor’s House On Fire

We all know by now that Facebook inspires people to do impossibly stupid things.


Mark Zuckerberg Refused To Be Quoted In Randi Zuckerberg’s New York Times Profile

If there's one thing my years of media consumption have taught me, it's how to spot when a profile is a hit job in disguise.


Report: Mark Zuckerberg & Sean Parker Seen Drunkenly Screaming At Each Other Outside L.A. Club


This is just funny as hell to me: Mark Zuckerberg outside of some douchey L.


Don Draper Presents Facebook’s New Timeline Feature

I know y'all are gonna say that I'm full of sh*t, but I swear -- I SWEAR -- that the other day when Mark Zuckerberg was painfully introducing Facebook's new Timeline feature I actually thought, "Man this would be so much better if Don Draper was the one giving the presentation.


Facebook Joins Politics, Continues To Take Over The World


Although my usage of Facebook has decreased over the years, the ambition of the company remains as admirable as it did when I signed up my freshman year of college.


How Many People Will Commit Suicide Over The New New Facebook Redesign?


I, like many people, have watched in amusement as people have driven themselves to the brink of madness over subtle changes that have been popping up on their Facebook pages over the last day or so.


The Winklevii Would Like To Sell You Some Pistachios

When we last checked in on Hitler youth stalwarts Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, they were being called as$holes in public by noted staggering as$hole former Harvard President Larry Summers. (Takes one to know one, right.


Facebook Partnering With Spotify, MOG & Rdio To Create Music Platform To Crush All Others

Well this, via Mashable, is interesting -- the long-rumored Facebook music platform will soon be unveiled.


Facebook’s Holocaust Denier Problem Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon

In addition to all of it's privacy-related faults, Facebook has become a breeding ground for hate speech -- a vital tool for the stupid to communicate and organize.

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