This Week In Niche Marketing: Tim Tebow And Sam Bradford Worship Satan

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Charles Hubbard claims to be a spiritual man, called upon by the great Creator to use his “Spiritual gifts for His glory” but he’s smart enough to know that in this age of the Internet and social media, you need to hitch your wagon to something that really pulls.


Gus Johnson Trademarked ‘Rise And Fire’

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This falls under the category of News To Me, but it's still interesting as we've almost now completely forgotten about the NCAA tournament.

Samuel L. Jackson

Sam Jackson Wants Atlanta to Rise Up

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The Atlanta Falcons marketing department is hoping that they speak English in Atlanta, because that's the language Samuel L.


Breaking: Derek Jeter Is Marketable

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From the Desk Of The Obvious: Derek Jeter has been lauded as baseball's most marketable athlete.


Dallas Braden Complains A Lot

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On April 22, then-unknown Oakland Athletics pitcher Dallas Braden made a name for himself when he lashed out at New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez for breaking one of baseball’s unwritten laws – you never walk over a man’s mound.

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