Rockets upset Celtics as the NBA takes backseat to Auburn/Oregon

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Maybe it was because the tease of Kevin Garnett's return from injury turned out to be just a tease.

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Auburn vs. Oregon: The All-Time Alumni Showdown

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Ready or not for the NFL, Cam Newton might as well go pro after tonight's BCS National Championship Game.

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Baller’s Blueprint: Rajon Rondo puts Chris Bosh on a poster

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With all the buzz surrounding the Celtics victory last night in Miami and highlights of Rajon Rondo's dunk everywhere -- as well as the basketball world just killing Chris Bosh -- we wanted to examine how that play developed last night in the first quarter.


Shaq’s newest rival is beating him out in Boston

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Outside of maybe the NBA All-Star Game and USA Basketball, I can't imagine a time in Shaquille O'Neal's life when he's even had to pretend to "battle" for a starting job.


The NBA All-Tattoo Team

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After the Nuggets signed Al Harrington last week, making Denver the most tatted team in the NBA, we were talking in the Dime office about who has the best ink in the League.


Celtics: The Blueprint To Save Them From Complete Disaster

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As a Celtics fan, I got a lot of texts, BBMs and e-mails last night after the game.


Top 10 Free Agents In The NBA Finals

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Take your pick on the storyline you want to cover before Thursday's Game 7, but if you ask me, the biggest story that no one is talking about is that 16 of the 30 players in the NBA Finals are going to be free agents after the season.


Dime Q&A: Tony Allen talks Finals, guarding Kobe, and music wars

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As part of the Boston bench mob that dominated the fourth quarter of Game 4 and was largely responsible for the Celtics series-tying win, Tony Allen is doing his job.


Boston’s NBA Finals X-Factor is Tony Allen

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Because he's turning 50 this year, my Dad is pulling for the Celtics to win the NBA championship.


Magic Steal Momentum, Win Game 5

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If this looks a lot like yesterday's Smack, that's because both NBA conference finals are starting to look strangely identical.


The Other Side of Kobe

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After he used Game 1 as an announcement to Phoenix that they can't guard him when he wants to score, Kobe Bryant used Game 2 to prove he can also burn the Suns as a distributor -- putting up 21 points (8-18 FG) and 13 dimes in another convincing Lakers win.

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Mo, Money

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Anybody who wrote off the Celtics as legit championship contenders when they were struggling through that middle section of the regular season shouldn't be talking now.

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Boston’s answer for LeBron: Marquis Daniels

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When the Celtics picked up Marquis Daniels in the offseason, you might have thought they primarily wanted him for scoring off the bench; a more under-control offensive weapon with a higher basketball IQ than Tony Allen.


LeBron serves Chicago a cold 40; People of Utah take Carmelo’s homecourt

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Right before Cavs/Bulls tipped off last night, Charles Barkley said, "Unless something happens to LeBron James in the next two minutes, this game is history.


5 Reasons The Celtics Can Still Win The NBA Championship

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After the Celtics lost - at home no less - to the Nets at the end of February, I was almost ready to give up hope.


2.18 The Cooler

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Natasha 2010 Mock Draft: Top 30 College Basketball Players [Hoop Doctors] Marquis Daniels Makes His Face A Diamond Pendant [RTNY] Russell Simmons, Jermaine Dupri Aren't Mad At John Mayer For Playboy Interview [MTV] Sade “Soldiers” To Number One [Showing Out] Britney Spears Forgot Something Again [...].


Truth of the Matter

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Call it a motivational tactic or simply of moment of brutal honesty, but Doc Rivers delivered what had to be a sobering blow for the Celtics yesterday: "One of the guys said, 'We're better than Orlando,' and I said, 'No, you're not.

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