Start The Reactor: A Surprising Amount Of Water Has Been Discovered On Mars

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NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover has discovered water in Martian soil, according to five papers from NASA scientists published in 'Science'.


There Is A Drawing Of A Penis On The Mars Surface

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NASA'S Mars Rover drew a penis on the surface of Mars. Good job, nerds.


Start The Reactor: The Mars Rover Has Found An Ancient Riverbed On Mars’ Surface

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NASA's Curiosity rover has found evidence -- the first of its kind -- of a dried-up riverbed on the surface of Mars, strongly suggesting there has been water on Mars.


NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Team Made A LMFAO Parody Video

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Here is the Mars Curiosity rover team throwing down an LMFAO parody of their own: "We're NASA and We Know It." So there's that.


The Internet Reacts To The Mars Curiosity Rover

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The Mars Curiosity rover successfully landed in Gale Crater today as Dave Chappelle prophesied, so the internet is filled with jokes now.


We Did It! Mars Curiosity Rover Safely Lands, Tweets A Double Entendre

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NASA's Mars Curiosity rover has safely landed in Gale Crater on schedule, took the time to send back pictures and tweet a double entendre. USA! USA! USA!


The Mars Rover Mission in Three Minutes


We all remember the heartbreak when Spirit got stuck on Mars and had to be abandoned, at least until an alien intelligence picks it up and it comes back to Earth P.

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